smart's new ecosystem for worry-free charging of electric cars

Smart has entered into two strategic partnerships: On the one hand with the well-known and reliable manufacturer of charging stations ABB E-mobility and on the other hand with Digital Charging Solutions.

ABB E-mobility will deliver an AC charging station for customers. Unfortunately, there are no pictures for this yet, but the most important key data:

The charging station from ABB will be a wall box that offers everything the modern smart customer of tomorrow could wish for. It has WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth as standard, plus of course RFID authentication and seamless integration into the smart app. The wall box can be ordered from a smart shop, where you can also find a specialist company nearby that can then install it at home.

Added to this is charging in public spaces. For this purpose there is the so-called smart public charging from DCS. Digital Charging Solutions is a big provider, which has access to over 290,000 public AC charging points and over 24,000 DC charging points across Europe. They will be the partner with whose help smart will also integrate public charging into the smart app. It will also be the basis on which smart will offer a free charging card with every smart.

My personal thought

It's nice to see that smart has understood what tomorrow's customers want. Bundling everything in one app significantly increases user-friendliness, and a strategic partner like DCS can also very well result in the smart #1 being able to have automatic navigation with charging stops. I am also pleased to see that they have found a strong partner for private wallboxes in ABB.

The fact that the Wallbox Ethernet will be given shows me personally that people are thinking deeply about it and are not just tackling the topic superficially. Same goes for the inclusion of a charge card with the car, so the customer doesn't has to start researching which one is the "best", if he doesn't want to. Although I would have liked to have read about ISO 15118 Plug and Charge.