Everything to do with repairing an electric smart EQ

Basically, the smart EQ is of course also a relatively reliable vehicle. With my first smart EQ I had covered more than 100,000 km in 3 years and had no significant defects or repairs to report. But if something is defective, it can be time-consuming to replace it.

Thank you to my loyal supporters:

I would particularly like to mention Thomas Rebele from Tom’s Garage. As a motor vehicle master with high voltage certificate, Thomas is a great help. His workshop in Stuttgart (Germany) has helped smart eMotion readers by repairing smaller and larger defects. In his private life, he is fully electric, with a smart ED3 convertible and a Tesla Model 3. His employees now also drive fully electric.

Hardly anything would be possible with the smart EQ without Vanja Katic. He is a Croatian electronics professional and can do everything that is smart and Tesla, from cell replacement to firmware correction. In the past he had already repaired the charger of my parents' Model S and supported Thomas with various repairs in the smart ED & EQ. His know-how regarding repairs is probably unique in the EV world.

Be careful:

Nevertheless, electric cars are vehicles with up to 400V board networks, some even up to 800V. It is important to know what that means: Even if there are a lot precautionary measures in the car, there is a risk to life if handled incorrectly. Visiting an experienced workshop, whose employees have an HV certificate, is always advisable if you want to work on high-voltage components. For private individuals, this is only at their own risk.

Always pull the service disconnect before working on high-voltage components. The high-voltage electrical system is thus reliably de-energized. All high-voltage cables are clearly identifiable as these thanks to the orange plastic isolation.

Get a hold of HV components at all

In an earlier article I already explained what all HV components are in the smart and what their function is. In addition, I have already shown in a teardown how the battery of the current fortwo looks from the inside. If you want to go even deeper, you can look around in the smart eMotion encyclopaedia

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