EQpassion becomes smart EMOTION

Why the new name?

Apparently, smart itself is giving up the "EQ" designation in its name, leaving only new "EQ" cars from Mercedes-Benz on the market. However, since my primary enthusiasm is for the smart brand, a new name was needed.

The name and the logo

There were many suggestions from you guys and in the end it became Christian's suggestion on Twitter: "smart EMOTION" is a clever combination of the English word "motion", "emotion" and the "e" from the e -Mobility.

The logo is also new. Our favorite brand is still finding itself, so it was difficult to properly base my logo on it. Ultimately, Jack Bryan Stracey had the brilliant design suggestions on Facebook, from which I then derived the new logo.

The silhouette of the smart #1 front, with its iconic headlights and a deliberately oversized "smart" lettering on the bonnet. Below that is "EMOTION" with some blue details and my own name. The latter because I experience more and more that people tell me about things that they read here and have not noticed that they are reporting them to the sole author of the article they read. ;)

New website design

In the course of the renaming and the new logo, it was also important to me to update the design of the website. Still strongly based on the basic design of the Woltlab software, it is now specially customized for smart EMOTION. My special thanks here go to the team at WoltLab themselves for the customization and to DohTheme for providing the basis for the design. With the new design, the website should be even more modern and clearer. In addition, a few small things have been adjusted, which have been a thorn in my side so far.

In addition, a lot had to be adjusted and changed in the background so that the renaming is as unspectacular as possible and, for example, old links still lead to the right place on the page. I can't thank WoltLab enough for the active support of this.

The love for the smart fortwo

Especially those who know me personally know that I am a big fan of the brand and the fortwo. This is mainly due to the smart fortwo electric drive, which was my first point of contact with the brand and my first own car. Which of course is still family-owned. Which will stays that way, I won't let it go.

It is all the more striking that the terms "fortwo", "ED" and "EQ" are not included in the new name. It is also noticeable that the reference to e-mobility is no longer clearly visible. It's all because the brand itself is now all-electric and their model range will be more extensive in the future than just the fortwo and its 4-seat partner. As already reported at the beginning of 2021, there would be no more fortwo if the smart #1 were not successful. The smart #1 and other models are just as much a part of the brand as the fortwo. Hence the choice of a very neutral name with a primary focus on the whole brand, not just one model or one engine variant. In addition, I also consider the future model range to be smart-worthy.

Thanks to all of you <3

Not only the people mentioned helped with the changeover, it was a collaboration of so many and I am extremely grateful to each and every one of them for their participation. The idea of the website is to be a contact point for the community around our favorite brand. With collections of information, assistance and a forum. I am also very happy that the website is a zero-sum financial game through the shop and that it enables us to pursue our hobby without advertising.

When it came to finding a name, design and domain, it was a dream that you guys provided all the input you did, gave feedback and supported me. The backing and support on social media, the forum and also in real life from you is unique. Apart from the enthusiasm for the brand itself, it is you who motivate me to run the site every day.

smart EMOTION Logo

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