smart #1 features in detail

Basic key data

Even before it comes to equipment and extras, it is interesting to get to know the car better:

The smart #1 is based on Geely's SEA platform and comes in a Mercedes design. It weighs 1,800 kg and is 4.3 meters long. Of course, that makes it significantly larger than a smart fortwo, but that's by design. The smart #1 does not claim to replace the fortwo, but to be an independent daily car.

For this purpose, it has a 66 kWh battery and thus enables a WLTP range of 400 - 440 km. It is recharged via CCS with 150 kW and thus achieves a charge of 10 - 80% in less than 30 minutes. Ideal for the long trips. At the home charging station or the local supermarket, it is fully charged again in under 7.5 hours, with the 22 kW charger from the middle configuration and upwards even in under 3 hours.

The influence of Mercedes can also be felt in the appearance of the smart #1. As I reported at the beginning of the year, the interior of the smart #1 is very valuable and there is hardly any plastic to be seen. Everything is made of beautiful materials and the entire interior is extremely spacious. Even I, with my 1.9 meters, can still sit comfortable behind the driver's seat, even if I have previously adjusted the front set to myself. Depending on what you prefer, the back seat can be adjusted forwards or backwards. Accordingly, either the footwell is 10 cm larger or the trunk.

The 15-litre frunk offers additional storage space, ideal for the charging cable.

The three equipment lines

smart has made it very easy for the end customer. You just need to choose a equipment line, add color and rims and the car is done. Gone are the days when you had to understand umpteen packages, can't combine everything as you wanted, and then realized on delivery that something was still missing. This also means that the prices of the lines are basically the prices of the fully configured car.

You can already expect a lot from the smallest configuration for 41,490 €, the smart #1 Pro+. 22 kW as standard is something nobody else offers.

Endlich mal ein bisschen Farbe. 😍🤤

Electric range: 420 km WLTP combined

150 kW CCS charge (10-80% in under 30 minutes)

22 kW Type 2 charge (0-100% in under 3 hours)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 6.7 s

Rear-wheel drive, 200 kW, 343 Nm

  • (optional) removable 1.6 ton trailer hitch
  • Panorama roof ("halo roof")
  • leatherette seats
  • 360 degree camera with parking sensors
  • Ambient lighting - 64 colors adjustable
  • 19" Amps rims
  • Electric concealed door handles
  • Seat heating for driver and front passenger
  • 2-zone automatic climate control

In the middle equipment for 44,990 €, the smart #1 Premium, you get a bit more range and additional comfort. I find the heat pump particularly worth mentioning:


Electric range: 440 km WLTP combined

150 kW CCS charge (10-80% in under 30 minutes)

22 kW Type 2 charge (0-100% in under 3 hours)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 6.7 s

Rear-wheel drive, 200 kW, 343 Nm

  • (optional) removable 1.6 ton trailer hitch
  • Features of the Pro+ Line
  • Drive train with silicon carbide technology (more efficient)
  • CyberSparks LED+ headlights with adaptive high beam and dynamic LED taillights
  • Automatic parking assistant with 12 sensors
  • Duo leather seats
  • 10" head-up display
  • Beats sound system
  • heat pump

The top equipment is at 48,990 €, the smart #1 BRABUS, and is characterised above all by its high performance AWD. In addition, of course, with the accents known from the premium tuner BRABUS. According to a smart post on Instagram, the BRABUS will also have a different suspension than the Premium Line. However, it is not known whether this is only due to the weight of the additional motor or whether it is due to a sports suspension.

smart verkündet Brabus, Preise und Marktstart des #1

Electric range: 400km WLTP combined

150 kW CCS charge (10-80% in under 30 minutes)

22 kW Type 2 charge (0-100% in under 3 hours)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.9 s

All-wheel drive, 315 kW, 543 Nm

  • (optional) removable 1.6 ton trailer hitch
  • Features of the Pro+ & Premium Line
  • Sporty body styling
  • Alcantara steering wheel and microfiber seats
  • BRABUS driving mode
  • BRABUS interior and exterior package

Special edition for the start of the smart #1

In addition to the three equipment lines, there is also the smart #1 Launch Edition for €46,290. It is notable for being limited to 1,000 vehicles and accordingly having a "One of 1000 Exclusive Launch Edition Emblem" on the center console. Also duo leather seats in Bold White and the design of the Concept #1 study from the IAA 2021. With white panels and a golden roof. In terms of equipment, it's disappointingly a smart #1 Premium, meaning it doesn't have the stunning BRABUS drivetrain or other BRABUS accents one might expect from such a special edition.


Features and conclusion that are no longer mentioned

When the smart #1 was presented in April 2022, there were reports of a trailer hitch that could be used to tow 1.6 tons. This is no longer being mentioned. Perhaps this does not come from the factory, but is installed by the dealer in Europe. This is how Tesla solved it, since a trailer hitch is primarily a European phenomenon. The rumor speak of a detachable tow hitch and that it can be attached by the dealer. All smart #1 are prepared for this, they say.

It is also known from the Chinese version of the smart #1 that it can release its energy again. Similar to the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Kia EV6, this should happen via a Type 2 adapter. The inverter for this would then be the built-in charger of the #1. However, there was apparently mentioned it won't be available at the driving event in Lisbon. At least that's what my readers report from a few test reports. Too bad, would have been a very nice feature.

smart verkündet Brabus, Preise und Marktstart des #1

What I really appreciate is that the equipment is much tidier and clearer than before. Gone are the days of 25 packages, where every second package excludes another one. This is not only easier for the manufacturer in production, it is also much more user-friendly. And even if the smart #1 doesn't live up to 100% of smart's original promises, it still has many features and a BRABUS that hasn't been mentioned before. Already in the base you get a very nicely equipped vehicle at a very good price. The smart #1 clearly tries to compete with the vehicle class above itself. For example, a significantly more expensive Mercedes-Benz EQB. This should motivate many to choose the smart #1. It it remains to be seen how this works out when the Mercedes dealers who earn more with Mercedes are supposed to sell a smart for which they earn significantly less.

With the medium equipment and the BRABUS line, you can also get further comfort and also get a good price/performance ratio. Personally, I would recommend the Premium line because of the heat pump, the more efficient drive train and the 22 kW charger. Although I also consider the Pro+ equipment to be very good and will probably buy a BRABUS #1.

As soon as more information about the equipment, but also experiences with buying a used car, becomes known, I will of course also document this in the wiki under the purchase advice for the smart #1. It's always worth taking a look there.

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