Chaos in the App Store - The future of the smart EQ app

Mercedes me and smart EQ control

A separate app has always been needed for the current series (from 2017) of smart EQ vehicles. At the beginning and until December 2018 it was still a web-based app. As of August 2018, a proper app became available. Since then, customers have been confused by the fact that you have to create a Mercedes me account, but the smart does not appear in this app. Only in the smart EQ control app.

Like the web-based app, the smart EQ control app is not particularly well known for its reliability. In December 2019, the developers of the app got in touch with me because they wanted the combined feedback from my readers and myself. It quickly turned out that the reliability is limited by the hardware installed in the vehicle. The app programmers are very good in their job.

Accordingly, the switch to the Mercedes me app would have been intuitive for the smart customer and would have been welcome. But unfortunately, it would not improve the reliability either.

And then the smart does appear in the Mercedes me app?

Sometimes things happen in the smart world that surprise even me. On January 28, 2023, a smart EMOTION reader reports that he can see his smart in the Mercedes me app. Of course, this information spread quickly and was also a hot topic in the smart EMOTION forum (*click*). At the same time, the smart EQ app went offline again.

Mercedes me x smart EQ control

It was already known that the smart EQ app will have an end date. Will smart now take the leap forward and include the fortwo and forfour EQ family in the Mercedes app? It would be rather clever. The smart #1 is associated with a new start for the brand and for the previous models full responsibility is on from Mercedes.

When asked, Mercedes confirmed to me: "As suspected, the appearance of some smart vehicles in the Mercedes me app was not planned", this phenomenon "is related to a technical update". In the meantime, all smarties have been removed from the Mercedes me app again. The Mercedes me app no longer recognises the vehicles. What was exciting was that at Mercedes they must have taken the trouble to add all smart vehicles correctly.

From very old, to rare colors, the 2020 facelift, the latest colors and even special editions, all vehicles were displayed correctly in the Mercedes me app and could also be controlled with the full range of functions. Only time-controlled preconditioning was not yet possible. However, during the charging process, the power with which the vehicle is currently charging was displayed. Something that the smart EQ app only displays with tricks.

Switching off smart EQ control and ready 2 app

However, the smart EQ control app and the associated service will be deactivated on December 31, 2024. This is justified with the shutdown of the worldwide 2G and 3G network. What this means for vehicles delivered today, which are still contractually guaranteed 3 years of app service, has been explained as follows:

Quote from Mercedes

In the price list we communicated the expected end date of 12/2024, not the 3 years from activation: "Preparation for smart EQ control (smart EQ control services* are only available until 12/2024; prerequisite: availability of the 2G/3G network )”.

Since the end of 2022, there has also been a note on the website: “smart EQ control services are only available until 12/2024; Requirement: Availability of the 2G/3G network". There has also been a note in the ordering system since the end of 2021.

A letter of termination will be sent to customers in mid-2024, informing users that smart EQ control will be phased out.

In addition, the ready 2 service is deactivated. This is an additional optional app, which uses its own control unit and its own server. Based on smart car2go technology, the smart can be lent to friends and also rented out. This service will be discontinued on March 31, 2023 and is therefore no longer sold.

It is unclear why they go to the trouble of implementing all smartis in the Mercedes me app, obviously testing them briefly and then deactivating them again after about a week. The press office is silent about this, saying it "wasn't planned".

Unfortunately, there are no really simple alternatives. But the OVMS project has already been adapted by readers for the smart EQ. In the smart EMOTION forum you can find out how to set it up and get help. In addition, there are currently projects to integrate this even better.

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