smart is showing the first pictures of #3 and is preparing for the premiere on 17th April 2023

The first pictures of the smart #3 appeared about a year ago, I reported about them. The patent application in China then became more concrete in November 2022 and there were the first pictures. smart China had already announced in the past that it would launch a new model every year. This year this will be the smart #3. A heavily modified variant of the #1 with a hatchback.

smart #3 event China

Technical data already known from patent application

The vehicle is a bit lower, but a bit longer and wider than the #1 (L/W/H/WB: 4400/1844/1556/2785). The #1 has been slightly lengthened to become a #3. But the motors remain the same. The rear-wheel drive variant has 200 kW and the all-wheel drive version with BRABUS drive comes with 315 kW. We can probably not expect the smart #3 in Europa at the beginning of 2024. But that has not yet been confirmed.

With the smart #3 the brand gos up in the vehicle segment and is probably even more luxurious. What that means for the price of the #3 is still unclear. Apparently there is also a version with a length of 4.5 meters. But what this is or will be is also unclear. It is referred to in homogolation as a "special traction device".

smart China zeigt erste Bilder des #3 und bereitet sich auf Premiere am 17.April vor

At this point, once again, a heartfelt thank you to Christian, who pointed out these photos to me. smart China published these parallel to the sketches in China

I'm assuming the motor performances mentioned above, as these would be the same as those of the #1. But the usually well-informed journalists from autoexpress write of a 154 hp and a 268 hp variant. Both would be weaker than the respective variants of #1. The smart #3 may start in its base price directly with the cheaper variant previously announced for the #1, which promises 49 kWh and a lower price. But that's not certain yet.

What is certain, however, is that the batteries in #1 and #3 should be the same. With 66 kWh in the large version. So then CCS 150 kW charge and type 2 with 22 kW. The range should also be pretty much the same for both. I determined a realistic 370 km during my test drive in October for the #1. Since the #3 is more streamlined and lower, it could also crack the real 400 km. A 49 kWh battery would be a realistic 275 km to 300 km.

The variants available in Europe should match those of the smart #1 and look like this:

First official pictures already in circulation

Internally at smart China there must already have been events and training courses on the smart #3. This is evidenced by photos from Chinese social networks.

smart #3 event China

In addition, smart had just posted the first sketches of the smart #3. They show quite similar sketches as we already knew from #1. But with the emphasis on the hatchback and the #3 logo. They also show new seats. Witnesses in China have already seen in parked prototypes that the interior of the #3 will be very similar to the #1, but that the ventilation nozzles, for example, will be different. As far as the interior is concerned, we can be curious.

smart China zeigt erste Bilder des #3 und bereitet sich auf Premiere am 17.April vor

smart China zeigt erste Bilder des #3 und bereitet sich auf Premiere am 17.April vor

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