The new smart #3 is here

Technical data already known from patent application

The vehicle is a bit lower, but a bit longer and wider than the #1 (L/W/H/WB: 4400/1844/1556/2785). The #1 has been slightly lengthened to become a #3. But the motors remain the same. The rear-wheel drive variant has 200 kW and the all-wheel drive version with BRABUS drive comes with 315 kW. We can probably not expect the smart #3 in Europa at the beginning of 2024. But that has not yet been confirmed. In China they will start selling it in Juni, but it's unclear wether that's also when the first one will be delivered.

With the smart #3 the brand gos up in the vehicle segment and is probably even more luxurious. What that means for the price of the #3 is still unclear. Apparently there is also a version with a length of 4.5 meters. But what this is or will be is also unclear. It is referred to in homogolation as a "special traction device".

Der neue smart #3 ist da

Battery and charging capacity same as with the #1

Like the #1, the smart #3 has a 66 kWh battery and can charge via AC with up to 22 kW and DC with up to 150 kW. This means that the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes during the quick charge process. Thanks to the better streamlining, the #3 beats the CW value of the #1 of 0.29 and achieves an even better range with its 0.27. A real 400 km should be realistic. There should also be a variant with a smaller 49 kWh battery, which I reckon will have a realistic 275 km to 300 km of range.

Der neue smart #3 ist da

Even faster acceleration and more luxury

The smart #1 already impressed with a 315 kW all-wheel drive variant and remarkably good equipment. Now the he smart #3 goes one step further and sprints from 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. A launch mode was introduced specifically for this purpose and the torque vectoring was improved. There is also a new "luxury sports aesthetic" designed directly by Mercedes.

It is not yet clear whether these two features cost extra for the BRABUS variant or are already included.

Der neue smart #3 ist da

Even nicer interior and larger trunk

With the entire interior, smart has made sure that the #3 is even more beautiful and luxurious than before. The ventilation nozzles, the center console and above all the seats were tackled again and clearly beautified. For this purpose, nobler materials and the strategic distribution of smart logos in the interior have been used.

There's also a larger trunk, which is what was most criticized for the #1. Even if it was basically about as big there as the competition. Now it is even available with a hatch, thanks to which you can easily pack skis in the smart #3.

Der neue smart #3 ist da

First conclusion

smart had already announced that they would like to launch another model every 12 months over the coming years. With the smart #3, they not only show that they are sticking to it, but that these cars are also direct further developments of the existing technology. The streamlined shape and the longer wheelbase should also lead to even more space in the #3.

Der neue smart #3 ist da

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