All-wheel drive is cheaper from today, the new pulse line

Technical key data as for the BRABUS

For € 46,490 you can now get all-wheel drive, like the BRABUS, the weight distribution is also perfect on the Pulse. It is split exactly 50/50 between the axles. Since the Pulse is located between the BRABUS and Premium, it also has a heat pump and the 22 kW charger installed.

But the acceleration seems to have been artificially throttled in the Pulse. It sprints from 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds. The BRABUS does it in 3.9 seconds and the Premium with its rear-wheel drive takes 6.7 seconds.

In my eyes, however, it is a nice mixture of BRABUS and premium, especially in terms of interior and exterior appearance. All-wheel drive and power from the BRABUS, but the more subtle look of the Premium. Above all, the useless air inlets above the LED strip in the front of the smart are missing. Which, in my eyes, makes the car much prettier.

Allrad ist ab heute günstiger, die neue pulse Line

Despite everything, the smart #1 in the Pulse is a somewhat strange line in terms of equipment. In terms of drive, charging technology, acceleration and heating, it is between the Premium and the BRABUS. But it's missing the Matrix LED lighting, and it also lacks the Beats sound system. Which brings it more to the level of the base, which is still well equipped, but also keeps it somehow below the premium.

Nevertheless, in addition to the basic equipment, it has seat covers made of duo leather, the head-up display, a leather steering wheel with an illuminated logo, the automatic parking assistant and the mobile phone charger with QI charging.

Allrad ist ab heute günstiger, die neue pulse Line

In the smart EMOTION forum, one user suggested that it is logical in itself. The pulse is practically the better basic equipment with all-wheel drive. Since the BRABUS is selling very well in Europe, the pulse with its equipment could be the logical consequence.

Tuning potential for the smart #1 and especially the Pulse?

In my opinion, it will be particularly exciting to see whether the pulse can be tuned to 3.9 seconds. I already offer tuning kits for all smart ED and smart EQ models and of course I am planning the same for the smart #1. Since the Pulse technically seems to be a limited BRABUS, I have to play with it and see what's what's possible. Also the limit of 180 km/h is something I would like to see increased to > 200 km/h.

After all, the Pulse is not more limited than the BRABUS, both do the well-known 180 km/h.

smart EQ Tuning

No special edition to launch the Pulse

In China, the Pulse line went on sale last year. With it there was also the Heartbeat Edition for the introduction. It was characterized by a blue paintwork and very nice rims. The rims in particular are based on the smart Concept #1 study. Unfortunately, there is no special edition for the introduction of the Pulse line in Europe. However, the limited Launch Edition with pure rear-wheel drive, based on the Premium Line, is still on sale.

A missed opportunity for smart. Especially as the rims of the chines Version look amazing. But they seem to be not available in Europe.

smart #1 Heartbeat Edition

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