Dieter Zetsche now drives smart #1

I can understand the enthusiasm of Wolfgang Ufer, CEO of smart Germany. Today he proudly writes on Linkedin: "It was finally time - I was able to present the former CEO of Daimler AG, Dr. Dieter Zetsche, his new smart #1 :love: ." and continues "But that's not all: in the next three weeks he'll tell you his three golden rules for the smart #1. 8)"

Zetsche's smart #1

As smart EMOTION, I can of course immediately recognise what kind of #1 Mr. Zetsche has chosen: It is the premium line, i.e. the medium equipment. With 66 kWh, it has a real range of 300 km and, thanks to 150 kW fast charging, it can also be recharged to 80% within 30 minutes. He can also charge the smart at home with 22 kW, quicker than many an EQS driver can.

With 200 kW (272 hp) on the rear axle, he can also accelerate quickly, relax and rely on the many assistants in the smart #1. For example, the smart pilot comfortably follows the lane. Meanwhile, Mr. Zetsche can be enchanted by the smart fox on the 9.2" display in the middle.

He certainly already has the latest over-the-air update. Then he can now listen to the finest music with the Beats sound system or, thanks to the super insulation, have a relaxed chat with his wife on the German Autobahn at 180 / h. So that she doesn't has to freeze, there are of course heated seats and a heat pump for a better range.

The cooling compartment in the center console also provides for a refreshing drink.

smart verkündet Brabus, Preise und Marktstart des #1

In any case, I wish him a lot of fun with the great vehicle, of course he is also invited to the smart EMOTION meeting at EnBW in Stuttgart. More about the meeting is here, smart themself will also visit the meet up. In addition, my full test report on the smart #1 has been available here for a few weeks. There you can also find out more about the 428 PS BRABUS #1.

Dieter Zetsche fährt jetzt smart #1

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