World premiere of the 25th Anniversary Edition smart #3

The first smart was delivered 25 years ago

It was already 25 years ago that smart delivered the first smart fortwo. At that time they were still called smart MCC (micro city car), the name "fortwo" came later with other models such as the Roadster, forfour and Crossblade. It was an exciting time and the small Mercedes city car had been in the making since 1969. I have already written a very detailed trilogy about it in the time from 1969 till 1998:

Die Geschichte des smart - Wie aus dem 1969er TECC in den 90er MCC / smart wurde

The smart SUV from 2004 - formore

It has always been in smart's DNA to experiment and try out new things. This was also the case in 2004, when they tried to build the formore. A compact SUV for the city, based on the smart forfour of the time.

Der smart formore - smart SUV von 2004

A mystical car today, the next logical step back then. After smart's product range grew, it became clear that an SUV was also needed. At the time, these were still in their infancy, but someone at smart had the right idea.

Unfortunately, things turned out differently, as I report in a detailed article. Mercedes lost all courage and smart had to scrap all projects apart from the fortwo. The brand should only build fortwo and because the topic of SUVs was perhaps not so wrong, Mercedes presumably made the Mercedes GLA out of the formore.

25th Anniversary Edition

With this exciting history in mind, smart decided to treat the #3 to a special variant. On the outside, the heavily limited 25th Anniversary Edition is adorned with an exclusive color combination of white panels with red mirrors. In addition to the BRABUS looks.

smart #3 25th Anniversary Edition (EU Variante)

There are also 19" rims in black and the "25th Anniversary Edition" badges on the side skirts. So it's clear to everyone from afar that they're standing in front of a very special car.

smart #3 25th Anniversary Edition (EU Variante)

It continues in the interior with the black / white duo seats and red accents in the seams and on the seat belt. Even though the 25th Anniversary Edition is unfortunately only based on the Premium with rear-wheel drive, these red accents are a nice addition. The special edition is rounded off with a final "25th Anniversary Edition" badge on the center console.

smart #3 25th Anniversary Edition (EU Variante)

All in all, the 25th Anniversary Edition is a slightly spruced up smart #3 Premium with a few great acceptances. Since it only costs 500 € more than the regular premium, I would recommend it to everyone. Although I think it's a bit of a shame that you have to recommend a special edition based on the price instead of actual edition and its special features.

Here you can find out more about the smart #3 in general: European premiere: smart #3 prices and equipment

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