smart Coffee Table Book - Always Unconventional

I wouldn't have thought it, but after I finish school I'll actually write another report on a book. Maybe my teacher was right that you can always use that know how. ;) Still, I'm a bit rusty when it comes to this. But of course I can tell you what the book has to offer for fans like us. :saint:

Always Unconventional - motto and program at smart

Everyone knows smart for its unconventional cars and in this book there are plenty of stories and information about exactly that. As a companion, there is of course an interview with Dieter Zetsche and insights into his time at Daimler.

Also there is also an interview with Mr. Tomforde, the father of the smart. I have written quite extensively about him and his work from 1969 to the end of the 90s in the past. In the interview he talks about his connection to smart and shares his thoughts about it.

Of course there are also great photos of all the relevant smarties over the years and further information about them. From the fortwo to the roadster, forfour and of course also the forjeremy and the smart SUV study from 2004.

What runs through the entire book is that smart also sees itself as an artistic brand. Both in the modern era and in the brand’s past. Not least through the roots with smart, but of course also as the brand's DNA. After all, smart stands for swatch, mercedes and art.

I immediately thought back to the story that Mr. Tomforde once told me years ago:

In the fall of 1996 they did it similarly, but still a bit different. At a vernissage, it was announced that a great work of art would be unveiled. Many journalists came to the unveiling of the work of art and when the work of art was shown, they stood in front of a near-series fortwo with the integrated tridion cell. Here it was apparently Renault and Peugeot who wasn't big fans of it.

1996 Showcar (Atlanta)

But of course they don't take themself too seriously either. They still also remember the cool commercials that smart USA published back then. In which, for example, they showed how the fortwo is absolutely overwhelmed off-road. But it is perfect for the city. In which every off-road vehicle is completely out of place.


In general, the book with ISBN 978-3-667-12816-4 is a nice so-called coffee table book. As the name implies, it's not something you read in one sitting, it's a book that reflects the brand's style. You occasionally go through it, read individual articles or marvel at great pictures. You can look something up later or be inspired by the various artists who appear in the book.

It can be ordered via smart's new lifestyle shop. There you can also find a few more photos about the book. The book is limited to 3,800 copies and there are 3 different color cuts printed on the outside of the book. It is only available in English.

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