The smart #1 is now available with 49 kWh for €37,490

The best smart #1 has now become even better. Back in July I drove the smart #1 with the pro+ equipment, the detailed test report can be found here. The smart #1 pro is practically the same car, but now with a 49 kWh (net 47 kWh) battery. This serves customers who want to drive the #1, but can easily handle a realistic 250 km.

The equipment is smart #1 pro

No Alcantara, but everything with artificial leather and just as little plastic as in my BRABUS. The only thing I noticed during the first few kilometers in the pro+ was that the pro+ doesn't have a head-up display or all-wheel drive. Apart from that, it seems the pro+ has everything that my BRABUS has. The large display in the middle, the 360 ° camera, panoramic roof, LED headlights, aluminum rims, heated seats, digital key, OTA updates and a cooling compartment in the center console. The list is long and I could list more. This also applies to the pro.

Equipment overview smart #1 (late 2023)

Despite the basic equipment, the pro+ still has a 49 kWh battery with 1-phase 7.2 kW AC charging and DC 130 kW charging. This means it can cover a real range of 250 km on the motorway. You really can't complain. Plus, it charges from 10-80% in under 30 minutes. As a BRABUS owner, when I was testing the pro+, I asked myself why I was actually paying the extra money for the BRABUS.

With the 49 kWh version, smart relies on LFP cell chemistry, which makes the battery slightly heavier than the 66 kWh NCM battery. But also cheaper. The only compromises you have to make are with the trailer hitch. The removable trailer hitch does not appear to be available for the 49 kWh variant.

Der smart #1 ist ab sofort mit 49 kWh für 37.490 € verfügbar

There is no better price/performance anywhere

When I drove the pro+ a few months ago, I asked myself why we didn't get the smaller battery and a correspondingly lower base price here. Now the time has finally come and one of the best smarties is now also available in Europe.

In my opinion there is no longer any reason to buy a pro+. Either you buy the pro with 49 kWh and its extensive features or you go straight to the Premium, with its 66 kWh and also take the heat pump and the head-up display with you. If you want real performance, you should go for the BRABUS. The pulse also has all-wheel drive, but it is too expensive for its substandard features.

As always, you can find more details about the two battery variants in the smart EMOTION Wiki: smart #1 HV battery

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