smart times 2023 in China

The smart times themselves were really nice to see. From what I can see in the photos and what smart EMOTION readers who have been there told me, it must have been really fun. It started at 2 p.m. with admission to the site and various activities.

Of course, smart is also celebrating the brand's 25th anniversary, so an original smart 450, 451 and 453 were on display. All three as petrol engines. In addition to a sponsored fitness program on site, there was also the opportunity to get exclusive merchandise from the smart ideas brand.

2023 smart times China - community and open air

2023 smart times China - community and open air

Also local smart fans were also able to show off their own smarties so that everything was represented. From the fortwo to the roadster to the forfour and even a smart electric drive, which is quite rare in China. But of course also great wraps on #1 and #3, as well as uniquely individualised smart vehicles.

2023 smart times China - car owners party

There were also stands with different dishes and areas where the community could exchange ideas and eat their food. In general it must have been a really relaxed atmosphere and a cool group. Although the number of smart cars is still smaller than the last smart times up to 2018, there where still a considerable number.

2023 smart times China - car owners party

Towards the evening they went on a trip with all sorts of smarties, a bit through the area and via a few picturesque points back to a vehicle line-up where the 25 years of the brand were celebrated.

2023 smart times China - smart fan motorcade

smart times "Superbowl" event with announcements

With the sunset it was time to go to the Suzhou Olympic Station. smart had prepared a very special presentation there. In addition to general topics and celebrating the brand itself, there were also a few exciting announcements.

2023 smart times China - pre shop test

2023 smart times China - Show

I have written separate articles for each announcement. Feel free to click through:

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