New smart fortwo officially teased at the smart times in China

Last Saturday where the smart times in China, in addition to the announcement of the smart #5 in 2024 and the improved autopilot hardware, there was also the first official teaser for the next smart fortwo, which will presumably then be called smart #2.

smart lovers in smart Europe GmbH prevail

Even though smart has been a new company with many new faces in the company since the joint venture with Geely in 2020. Fans like Wolfgang Ufer, (CEO smart Germany) and his colleagues from other countries have been promising for a while that there will be another fortwo. Not least because Wolfgang Ufer, for example, still enjoys driving his smart EQ fortwo.

There was obviously a fight within the company, also because it is well known that the platform of the #1, #3 and #5 does not support a small car like a fortwo. At the smart times in China, smart China solemnly announced that it was working on a new fortwo. Fully electric and on a platform specially developed within the group.

A smart EMOTION reader outlined what something like this could look like a good year ago:

Designkonzept ForTwo Nachfolger

After third-party providers already want to make 36 kWh possible for the smart fortwo from 2013 to 2016, I expect something in this size range in the next fortwo too. This would realistically make 200 km and more possible. Thanks to smart typical CCS charging, charging from 10-80% should take under 30 minutes. Depending on the battery chemistry, maybe even faster. On type 2 chargers I expect 11 kW or 22 kW.

Smart did not yet provide any precise information about the car. It is still unknown whether the smart fortwo will continue to grow. It originally had its iconic 2.5 meters, but with the EQ it grew to 2.7 meters to meet safety requirements. The next fortwo would arrive at the earliest in 2025, more likely 2026/27. Then safety will be even more complex.

It's also unknown if the fortwo will also be available as cabrio. I sure hope so, as cabrios are also part of the fortwo's DNA.

Next comes the smart #5, where smart said "Don't think a smart can only be small". More about this here: smart #5 officially teased at the smart times in China

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  • I think this is really very disappointing, for it shows that MB never really had a proper plan to replace the original, iconic, Fortwo.

    Iconic though it was, it never really achieved the volume sales of a level that was sufficient to repay the original investment. I worry that such a segment would never create enough interest to justify the commercial risk and that, sadly, we will never see the likes of the ForTwo again.

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  • Yea…. it feels like Mercedes simply decided to give up on the fortwo project somewhere in late 2019. :(

  • I truly hope there will be a new version of the fortwo because I will not buy the sort of large heavy road crushing tanks being promoted by all the leading electric car makers. Chinese companies have proved their ability to make cars without involvement from Europe, so I hope Geely will dump Mercedes Benz and go their own way in providing a new "fortwo" at a sensible price.

  • Geely can‘t bring a new fortwo without cooperating with Mercedes, as Mercedes owns the rights to smart as well.

  • True, but there is nothing to stop Geely making a two seat electric car under their own brand name. Given the lack of commitment to the brand by MB, the absence of a Smart badge on the car is unlikely to detract from its appeal.

  • True, but there is nothing to stop Geely making a two seat electric car under their own brand name.

    Sadly the same thing is hindering Geely doing that, as it's hindering all competitors and maybe even smart themself:

  • We see the fortwo every where in England. And last year Cannes was inundated with them.

    now the Citroen AMI is making a name that everyone recognise.

    There definitely is a place for a for two when we ask everyone to emit less CO2

  • I would most likely update my current Fortwo EQ with a new Fortwo if they released one. My EQ has been brilliant so far but a little more range and luxury would be nice.

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  • Sadly the same thing is hindering Geely doing that, as it's hindering all competitors and maybe even smart themself:

    I disagree with the premise of your article, because I don't think it's a regulatory problem at all. I think it's an engineering problem and, to an even greater extent, a marketing problem.

    These days I drive a Mini Cooper SE (Mini Electric) which is in many ways is not dissimilar to a fortwo. OK, it's larger, and it has four seats including the driver but it's not vastly different. Any fortwo development is going to need some compromises in order for it to appeal to a wider market.

    If a Fortwo is to come to market, it's going to have to be larger in my opinion, so that it can carry two people with more luggage space, or four people with less luggage space. To do otherwise will mean that Smart/MB will repeat the mistakes of the past: spending a fortune on developing and bringing to market a car for which there won't be enough demand or interest to drive volume and profit.

    And it's because of those mistakes that smart found itself in such a mess in the first place.

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