smart #5 officially teased at the smart times in China

Last Saturday was the smart times in China, in addition to the announcement of the new smart fortwo project and the improved autopilot hardware, there was also the first official teaser for the next smart in 2024, which will then presumably be called smart #5 .

“Don’t think smart can only be small”

If the smart #1 and #3 aren't big enough for you, you'll get your money's worth with the #5. Even bigger, even more eye-catching, still smart. That seems to be the claim and so there is probably an angular smart #5 hidden under the cloth. I'm hearing secretly from China that it's supposed to be based on the G-Class by Mercedes, but a little smaller. Hopefully we will soon see how this fits together and what it will actually look like based on the first prototype sightings. The G-Class itself has 4.7 meters and the smart #3 is already 4.4 meters.

It is also not yet clear whether this is the small G-Class announced by Mercedes Benz itself at the IAA or whether it will compete with it. But it goes without saying that it will be fully electric. Smart China also showed a few so-called design studies by students and interns at the smart times:

2023 smart times China - Show

There were no further details, according to smart EMOTION readers who were there at smart times. I would assume more or less the same drive train as we saw with #1 and #3. 66 kW with 150 kW CCS charging, a realistic range of around 300 km and charging time of 10-80% in under 30 minutes.

After the smart #3 got even more acceleration, so that it does 0-100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. It is now questionable whether the #5 will be even faster, like the Zeeker001FR from the parent company with its 1,265 PS and 2.36 seconds. But I think that this would be more likely to be used as #7 and the #5 would focus on off-road capability instead. But that's is still speculation.

There is also still speculation as to whether the new fortwo will come in 2025 or not until 2026/27. More about this here: New smart fortwo officially teased at the smart times in China

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