smart presents better autopilot with the smart #1 Platinum Edition

Last Saturday was the smart times in China, in addition to the announcement of the new smart fortwo project and the announcement of the smart #5 in 2024, there was also the launch of a new special edition together with the improved smart Pilot hardware.

smart Pilot 2.0 and smart Pilot 3.0, thanks to Mobileye hardware

smart has not only decided to remain innovative when it comes to mobility in general by switching the brand to fully electric vehicles in 2020. They also want to continue to be at the forefront when it comes to assistance and safety. For this purpose, smart announced in China a few months ago that they would be working with Mobileye.

The provider is known for having equipped Tesla, for example, with the first generation of autopilot hardware. In China you can now order a much more modern system than the one from Tesla back then. In addition to the ones you already have, you get much more distinctive cameras around the car:

  • Camera in the front fender
  • Camera in the exterior mirror base
  • Camera in the roof tail fin
  • Camera additions in the interior mirror base

smart #1 Platinum Edition

smart #1 Platinum Edition

smart has now presented the system with a new special edition. This is the European Launch Edition, which was limited to 1,000 vehicles. Which is sold out in Europe, but it must have been popular in China too. Since it was not available there, it can now be ordered there under a new name. In general, especially in China, the smart #1 and #3 are particularly well received by women. Accordingly, the Platinum Edition is marketed alongside the European and unofficial Hèrmes Edition from a French car dealership from 2008.

smart #1 Platinum Edition

Although this was never an official edition, it is not only called Hèrmes, but was actually leathered and equipped by the luxury brand at the time. As far as I can see, one of the most elaborate "editions" that has ever existed outside of the official editions. And the renamed Launch Edition next to it looks good, but seems a bit bland because it is a rebadged Edition.

As already mentioned, the Platinum Edition also celebrates Mobileye's new camera system. However, this system is not included in this edition: You have to buy it at an additional cost.

It is currently unclear whether and when the system will become available in Europe. smart itself couldn't tell me anything specific about this in response to my last press query. I daubt it will become available any time soon in Europe.

Next comes the smart #5, where smart said "I don't think smart can only be small". More about this here: smart #5 officially teased at the smart times in China

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