Another OTA update brings Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to the smart #1

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

It was one of the most requested features that the community had now been waiting for. Finally, everyone can mirror their smartphone on the standard 12.8" touchscreen with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. As you already know from the smartEQ fortwo and forfour, wirelessly and with full support of all the usual smartphone apps.

It is now possible to use your personal favorite navigation system, phone and operating system without having to forgo smartOS as a basis. For example, there is also the option of getting the Fastned app directly on the central display of the smart #1 and viewing charging stations on the route fed with live data.

The importance of software to smart can also be seen in the details: Even when navigating via Apple CarPlay, the route is also shown in the head-up display.

smart EMOTION Community supports smart with updates

Personally, I and of course the entire smart EMOTION forum are very pleased that smart is making such an effort to receive feedback from the community. Although people at smart know the car very well, many employees also drive a smart #1 in their private lives. However, it is sometimes difficult to assess what is regularly criticized and what are just detailed errors that are not necessarily a priority.

I know what it's like when running this website. You tinker with a detail somewhere and you're happy when you have it under control. But in actuality, no one had noticed it yet and it would have been better to prioritise something else.

smart #1 Platinum Edition

It's all the better that smart Europe and smart China don't just ask for feedback from the smart EMOTION community. But that they also discuss it then internally. For this purpose, I had already given smart a detailed list of feature requests, bugs and priorities months ago. In the meantime, the points on the list are thinning out as more and more is being processed.

To name just a few: The attention warning system has become significantly more precise and improved and the matrix LED headlights have been greatly optimized. Many details in the depths of the software have also been optimized and of course the German translations and language output have also been improved. Many other European languages have also been added and improved. There were also better graphics and more views, for example there is now a kW display during charging and little things like new shortcuts.

The place for community feedback in the smart EMOTION forum is rather active and smart is happy to receive any feedback on new versions and in general around smartOS.

Of course, I also maintain an overview of all smart #1 versions and everything that smart officially publishes about them in the smart EMOTION Wiki. Future change logs from OTA updates will be much more detailed. Until now, smart was rather reserved a bit with the information and let the users discover new features themselves.

smart EMOTION Treffen 2023

Photo: smart EMOTION meeting at EnBW in Stuttgart this summer. The next meeting will be announced in the relevant section of the forum in early 2024.

More advanced than many Mercedes

Since the first smart #1 was delivered at the beginning of this year in Germany, every smart #1 has supported over-the-air updates. So you no longer have to go to the workshop for every little thing and even new features can be easily downloaded via the mobile phone network. Unfortunately, this occasionally leads to complications at the Mercedes dealers who are responsible for the smart #1.

What happens under the sheet metal of an electric car using the smart #1 as an example

The first wave of cars from April to the beginning of June need a firmware update for full OTA functionality and some dealers did not install this firmware update on customer vehicles before delivery. If you go to the dealer for every smartOS update and are told that it should now work, you should explicitly ask again whether only smartOS was updated or the firmware of all control unites in the vehicle as well.

Apparently it is not understandable for all dealers that software and firmware are two different things.

Slowly but surely the last Mercedes dealers are finding their way into the modern world and are becoming increasingly better at dealing with the smart #1. The #3, which goes on sale next year, should no longer have some of the teething problems that the #1 had.

smart is off to a strong start with smartOS. A very intuitive operating system since day one, reminiscent of Tesla and Apple. It supports Spotify natively and also offers games via the App Store. Plus the companion, the fox, who guides you through the car and beautifully presented menus and settings.

Do you have questions about smart and e-mobility or do you want to discuss the content of this page?

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