smart #3 starts at €38,490

With the smart #3, smart has introduced its second car since the brand's remake. Like the #1, the smart #3 has a 66 kWh battery and can charge via AC with up to 22 kW and DC with up to 150 kW. This means that the battery can be charged from 10% to 80% in less than 30 minutes during the quick charge process. Thanks to the better streamlining, the #3 beats the CW value of the #1 of 0.29 and achieves an even better range with its 0.27. A real 400 km should be realistic.

Now also with a 49 kWh version

As I suspected at the China launch of the #3, the 49 kWh variant has now also appeared. Parallel to #1, #3 is also likely to be the pro+ with a 49 kWh battery. What's particularly exciting is that there isn't even a smart #3 pro in China. It starts there with the pro+ variant, the 49 kWh battery is in China exclusive to the #1.

According to smart, the #3 pro version with the 49 kWh battery has a WLTP range of 325 km and has the same 0-100 km/h time as the pro+ of 5.8 seconds.

smart #3 pro+

With the smaller battery, the charging time of 10-80% remains under 30 minutes, even tho it only charges 130 kW with CCS. Again on type 2, the power is limited to 1-phase 7.2 kW. This means that charging from 0-100% takes place in under 5.5 hours.

Best smart #3 in terms of price/performance

In the past I had the opportunity to drive the smart #1 as a pro+ and was amazed at how much car you get for so little money. The only thing I noticed during the first few kilometers in the pro+ was that the pro+ doesn't have a head-up display or all-wheel drive. Apart from that, it seems to have everything that my BRABUS has. The large display in the middle, the 360 ° camera, panoramic roof, LED headlights, aluminum rims, heated seats, digital key, OTA updates and a cooling compartment in the center console. The list is long and I could list more. This also applies presumably to the pro.

smart #3 pro+

Only the 1-phase 7.2 kW charger is not perfect. It's not clear to me why this isn't 2-phase. But that means that the #3 in the pro configuration needs a 22 kW charging station to get the full 7.2 kW. At an 11 kW station it only charges with 3.7 kW. Which is also enough over night.

In my opinion there is no longer any reason to buy a pro+. Either you buy the pro with 49 kWh and its extensive features or you go straight to the Premium, with its 66 kWh and also get the heat pump and the head-up display. If you want real performance, you should rely on the BRABUS. All the other lines can be found in this article: smart #3 prices and equipment

According to smart, the first #3 will be delivered in early 2024.

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