First smart #5 prototype spotted in China

A new model every year announced this at the beginning of the new strategy. The smart #1 was introduced in China in 2022. A compact SUV with 66 kWh, 150 kW CCS charging and over 400 hp in the BRABUS version. The following year the #3 came out, a slightly more stylish and sporty version. Same battery and drive train, but a little flatter, so the 3.9 seconds from 0-100 km/h in the top version become 3.6 seconds.

Produktpalette von 2022 bis 2025

First pictures of the smart #5 and rumours about 800 V technology

Now the first images of prototypes are finally appearing and you can get the impression that we are finally expected to notice it. The prototypes have been carefully masked, but the typical Chinese “Styled by Mercedes” badge on the B-pillar is already attached. Connoisseurs now know what they are facing and are giving us the first insights into the smart #5.

smart #1 - Designed by Mercedes / Styled by Mercedes

As was already teased at the Chinese smart times, it will probably be something edgier and even larger than all previous smart SUVs. There had been talk of a smaller version of the G-Class. What we see in the first photos is perhaps more comparable to the GLB. Presumably even bigger than the previous smart models and will probably stop even the last people saying a smart has got a small trunk.

It is still unclear whether it will be a mid-range SUV with 3 rows of seats or a van with SUV styling. The latter would definitely be more suitable for the Chinese market.

Erste smart #5 Prototyp in China gesichtet

In addition, the Chinese community is now talking about an 800 V system. Which would be in contrast to the smart #1 and #3. These operate at 400 V, although they already have a relatively high voltage for 400 V. The 800 V theory can be supported by the fact that in China the government-mandated plug is increasingly limited to 250 A. Apart from Tesla and Nio, cooled cables are the exception there.

smart #1 GB/T plug

It is also obvious that the smart #5 comes on the same platform as the Volvo EM90. It is 5.21 meters long and has a wheelbase of 3.21 meters. It has the well-known 200 kW motor on the rear axle, but what the front axle gets in the all-wheel drive version is not yet known. It also has a confirmed 116 kWh battery and is said to achieve 10-80% in under 30 minutes. Which suggests an average power of 160 kW and a peak over 200 kW.

It could also be the case, that the #5 will be a bit of a shorter version of the EM90, with maybe 4,80 meters and also a bit of a smaller battery.

Volvo EM90 mit 116 kWh

It will now be exciting to see when the smart #5 will be presented. Some people already report that it will be presented at the beginning of Q2 in 2024 and should then go on sale in China shortly afterwards. Europe is usually 6 months later. The smart #3 went on sale here just a few days ago and deliveries are scheduled to begin at the beginning of January.

A driving report about it on German roads will be available here on smart EMOTION very soon.

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