Stuck with your EV in a winter traffic jam

A common wisdom that seems to endure and is brought out again every winter. Then there are images with hardly any resolution and hair-raising texts describing the tragedy.

But the reality is different and even the German automobile club stated this years ago:

An electric car in a traffic jam draws around 2-3 kW for its heating and all other electronics. In the case of the ADAC, the outside temperature was between -9 °C and -14 °C and the interior was permanently heated to a pleasant 22 °C.

Electric cars today have batteries in the 40 to 110 kWh size range. Accordingly, consumption of 2-3 kWh per hour is absolutely no problem. Even if you stood there for 8 hours, the smallest battery would only be discharged by 50 % and the largest battery by less than 20 %.

And these are extreme examples at -10 °C and a traffic jam lasting 8 hours. In normal winter traffic, you lose a maximum of 5-10 % of the battery in 1-2 hours.

Of course, you shouldn't drive into traffic jams with an empty battery, but that also applies to conventional ICE cars. Since they don't have an efficient heat pump, they usually even run out of fuel quicker than electric cars.

This post was originally written for my personal Twitter and Linkedin accounts. I then published it here so it won't get lost in the depths of social media. I would also like to be able to see how my statements have aged in 10 years time.

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