smart opens its first charging park

smart eröffnet ersten eigenen Ladepark

smart proudly announces that they now have set up their first charging stations in Shanghai at their largest smart center. These were also connected directly to smart’s own charging card. With this, Chinese smart customers can access over 36,000 charging locations and 430,000 charging plugs in more than 330 cities.

According to smart China, they are also researching the possibility of operating additional charging stations themself. The aim is to further improve the customer experience and probably bring it to the level of Tesla. I have already reported in the past about the advantages of having both charging stations and cars from a single source.

Technical data for smart's 480 kW charging station

Together with the information that smart has sold almost 70,000 smart #1 and #3 worldwide so far, the brand is now announcing that it now also has self-developed 800 V fast charging stations. According to the company's press release, these can deliver an output of 480 kW with an efficiency of 96%. The plug itself can deliver 600 A, and in the short term also 700 A. A principle that is currently being slowly researched in Europe by Alpitronic, for example.

With the charging station it is possible to recharge 400 km within 8 minutes. The upcoming smart #5 is not named here in any way, but that seems to strongly indicate the #5 with its presumed 800 V electrical system. I report more on the smart #5 here.

smart eröffnet ersten eigenen Ladepark

As with other 480 kW chargers from the Geely parent company, with very similar key data, a very similar principle is likely to be used here. Similar to Tesla, the power electronics are separated from the beautiful charging stations in the parking lot. So that the charging station is a nice cable holder, with a display and the technology for cable and plug cooling. This means that the technology responsible for charging up to 480 kW can also be located 10-50 meters away. smart also states that these power cabinets can also distribute their power across several plugs and, conversely, connect several cabinets together. So that there is always enough dynamic power wherever a car is parked. Regardless of where it is located.

As is well known, in China they have a China-specific plug. This is still more or less limited to 250 A (about 105 kW), which is due to its standardisation in 2015. Apparently there are already charging stations in China that go beyond this standard and so the #1 and #3 also get their 380 A (around 150 kW). This current limit is also what is currently causing more and more Chinese manufacturers to go to 800 V. Even Nio has now introduced an 800 V battery.

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