Will there be another smart roadster and what might it look like?

Many people still remember it, the smart roadster from 2003. The 452 series was definitely cool, albeit niche. The roadster was the first smart that wasn't a fortwo. Instead, smart started back then what they started again today:

To expand the product range around the iconic smart fortwo in order to be able to position themselves more broadly. Unfortunately, confidence in the idea didn't last long, so the roadster was discontinued in 2005. At that time, smart decided that they wanted to concentrate on the fortwo and the fortwo alone.

Lovers of the roadster at smart and BRABUS

Despite, or perhaps precisely because of, the fact that the smart roadster was only built for a short time, it enjoyed a good reputation among enthusiasts then and now. The roadster had a very unique design and driving behavior, was cool and, with up to 74 kW, was also quite well motorized. Bodo Buschmann, founder of BRABUS GmbH, was also a particular lover of the roadster.

The legendary smart BRABUS roadster with V6 Biturbo Motor and an impressive 125 kW was also a very cool car. But like all other roadsters, the project was canceled before it could really get going. Although the car itself was finished and there were also fully functional vehicles. Unfortunately, the last V6 Biturbo that was ready to drive was made unfit for driving when smart BRABUS GmbH was dissolved.

smart Roadster V6 Biturbo

Another lover of the smart roadster is Dirk Adelmann, CEO of smart Europe GmbH. As he reported during an exclusive question and answer session, his first company car at Daimler AG was a roadster. Accordingly, he also knows the roadster and its advantages very well. Whether the roadster will come back as an electric version was of course also a topic in this question and answer session.

The future of the smart roadster

The independent designers Geoffrey Decembry and Pierre Senelet can imagine that the smart roadster has a future. In a joint project, the two designed three variants of how they could imagine a future smart roadster:

  • coupe
  • roadster
  • Mille Miglia

The first two variants are quite self-explanatory. They have considered both a closed version and one with a removable roof. Then there is also a slightly sportier Mille Miglia variant, based on the Italian car race.

Unofficial smart roadster design study by a unrelated 3rd party

In their design from the beginning of 2020, the two designers took up the design language of well-known smart vehicles such as the fortwo and old roadster and interpreted it into the current decade. In the side view, they discussed for a long time whether they wanted to leave the original aluminum structure of the roadster visible and ultimately decided to do so.

Unofficial smart roadster design study by a unrelated 3rd party

Since the original roadster had a very iconic front, they also wanted to align their design with that style. Geoffrey decided to play around with the hood and take inspiration from Formula 1 cars from the 70s. At the rear, he particularly detailed the taillights and describes it as his favourite view of the car.

Unofficial smart roadster design study by a unrelated 3rd party

In the interior, Pierre decided to create a strong but simple shape. The interior looks modern and cool, just like the brand itself. Also fits well into the modern smart world with the #1 and #3. But uses a few more glass elements and makes the roadster a unique concept.

As beautiful as the designs are, they unfortunately have nothing to do with smart and are in no way official or at least unofficial. Creating these renderings was purely a passion project and did not lead to smart approaching the two freelance designers. When asked whether there would be a roadster again, Mr. Adelmann said that they were thinking about a 2-seater and that it would potentially be as big as the fortwo.

It sounded pretty clear to me that people are working internally at a smart fortwo. You can find out more about the official confirmation of the fortwo project here. But there are no thoughts whatsoever about a possible new edition of the smart roadster. The fact that the target group for such vehicles is very small and, accordingly, the quantities that could be sold here are also likely to play a role here.

The only hope for the smart roadster is that the MG Cyber roadster becoming a bestseller and convinces smart to reconsider the roadster.

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