Better than the original: Hello # app for the smart # family

Two passionate programmers and an enthusiastic community

Actually, it can't be that difficult to program a good app for a good car. Nevertheless, smart seems to be having a hard time and getting bogged down in details while basic features don't yet work. If you start the app it takes a long time until it is there, it regularly forgets the password and the data is not live in the app.

There are also details here and there that are not particularly intuitive, such as no customization options and unnecessary limitations.

Hello # App für den smart #1 & #3

With this in mind, the French couple decided to program their own app. It's a passion project for both of them; they've been programming iOS apps full-time for years. They each drive a #1, one left-hand drive in France and one right-hand drive in Great Britain. In the smart EMOTION forum they found the perfect place to send their app into the beta phase to discover and fix errors and bugs with over 200 testers. (click)

Now that the app itself is running, the next thing on the agenda was translations. Here too, the two of them were able to put together the translations for different countries together with the international smart EMOTION community. The app is launching in French, German, Italian and English. If your language is still missing here, you are welcome to add the language of your choice. (click)

Like the original app, but better

If you take a closer look at the app, it actually sounds unspectacular at first glance. You open it and it's there immediately, then shows the vehicle's data in real time and you have an overview of buttons. But if you already know the original app, you will notice how much more information you get and that it is much tidier. It also runs way smoother and you don't have to relogin every few weeks.

In addition to that the app also features ABRP integration to plan your routes with the beloved tool and support for multiple cars in the same account.

Hello # App für den smart #1 & #3

The app accesses the same information as the original app, but there is significantly more information than we see in the original app. You can also watch them live there. For example, you can see how the battery is getting charged. The app can also start details such as heated seats and heated steering wheel.

There is also a nice overview of the live data from the charging process in the app, so you can keep an eye on the charging process in a relaxed manner. You can also adjust the charging limit in the app during the charging process. Something the original app strangely doesn't allow.

Hello # App für den smart #1 & #3

Further information from the smart interface includes the temperature of the interior, where the vehicle is currently located, what the sun shade is doing, the range, information about air pollution around the car and how quickly the car is currently charging.

Here too, the smart EMOTION community helped to make additional features possible with this information, as well as to understand the values better and better. The project now has its own section in the smart EMOTION forum and welcomes any feedback, suggestions and ideas from you: Hello # App

Hello # App für den smart #1 & #3

The project would of course also be particularly happy about Android programmers, so that the app will soon be available to all Android users. You are welcome to start your project and test it here on the website.

Of course, it would also be cool to have someone who manages to develop a module for older smart vehicles that can access the app. The necessary values at the CAN bus level are already known to the community, what is missing is the hardware and a way to connect it to the app.

You can also see that Clément Gonzalvez und Christian Gonzalvez have a lot of fun with the app by hiding Easter eggs in the app. For example, my yellow-wrapped smart BRABUS #1 appears as yellow in the app as it does in real life. Instead of the color as it left the factory. :saint:

Hello # easteregg

Free for everyone and available now in the Apple App Store

The best thing about the app is that it is free. As already mentioned, the two developers have good full-time jobs and do not have to make a living from the app. However you can support this website with a membership so that it can remain ad-free. You can find out more about this here: Forum memberships

Here also the smart EMOTION Forum ist der perfect place for suggested improvements and to get in direct contact with the developers.

Direktlink to the app: Hello # app

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