smart shows the new cockpit of the #5 study

This week is the International Automotive Exhibition and smart promised last week that they would present the smart #5 concept there on April 25th. They are now drumming louder and louder and posting more and more pictures. Most recently, there are also views of the revised interior with a new center console. This will probably not only have the concept car, but also the later production version. As this has already been seen in prototypes.

Detailsfotos smart #5 von CarsNewChina

What is also exciting is that the interface on the displays appears to have been revised. The globe remains, but the style seems to be much more serious and strongly based on Mercedes. It remains to be seen whether the large display fits better into the interior like the one from Mercedes. As usual with concept cars, smart has of course played around with the proportions and made them slightly different than they will later be in the production vehicle.

In their press release, smart announces that the #5 will have an assistant in the vehicle, like the #1 and #3 before. However, the manufacturer is still leaving it open what exactly this will look like. Just describes it as AI-powered without going into detail about what it will do with its artificial intelligence.

smart zeigt das neue Cockpit der #5 Studie

smart itself also reports in its press release that the two large displays will be OLED displays. This means that the displays can probably fit perfectly into the car, as they can leave the transition to the edge black so that you can't really see the edge at all. The processor behind all of that is said to be a high-performance chip from AMD.

In the second half of the year, smart wants to show the series version of the smart #5 and also start delivering the first vehicles to Chinese customers. Sketches of the entire vehicle were already shown last week: smart teases smart #5 concept car

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  • The new interface could be a v2 we will all have. More serious, no more Fox.

    it could have had a negative impact on sales in Europe if potential customers are not taking the car seriously.

    On the other hand, the computer looks more like the ones of EQE and EQS. I wonder if we won't have a bigger surprise on the external design

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  • Maybe we can switch between both appearances of the interface in the future?

  • Is what me attracted to #3, it’s playable. Life is serious enough already…

  • With this reasoning I've decided to wrap my smart yellow and red. :saint:

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