smart presents the #5 study and gives an outlook on the premium SUV coming later this year

smart turns rumors into facts

There was speculation in advance whether the #5 would also have 800 V technology. This would make it the first smart with such a high battery voltage. Still ahead of Mercedes and on par with Porsche. With the #5 study, smart is now surprisingly concrete, what we already know from the Volvo EM90 is now also available from smart on the same platform.

Charging times are no longer an issue: smart may even lowballing. On the same platform as the smart #5, the Zeeker 001 even manages to charge in under 12 minutes. According to smart's promise, the #5 must achieve an average charging rate of 280 kW from 10% to 80% and since they confirm 4C, the peak will be around 400 kW. Of course, it will be interessting for the production version to see how reliably the #5 sticks to the 15 minutes. Whether only under the best conditions or even outside the 10 °C to 30 °C air temperature.

With the #5, lidar and a SoC from NVIDIA will be introduced, which is ment to enable smart pilot 3.0. It remains to be seen whether this will also receive approval in Europe. The smart Pilot 2.0 is still not available in here.

Some media also want to know that the all-wheel drive version will come with 646 PS.

The most versatile car smart has ever built...

... that's what the smart Europe CEO promises. With maximum comfort and a strong appearance, the smart #5 is intended to expand the brand's portfolio. It starts with all-wheel drive. Whether this is standard or subject to an additional charge as with #1 and #3 remains to be seen.

smart Concept #5

With the exterior, smart clearly wants to underline the adventurous character of the vehicle. The #5 should be robust for the terrain and equipped with powerfull technology. It should stand out thanks to its angular silhouette and striking roof structure. The front and rear underrun protection is intended to further strengthen the smart. There is also a hidden winch and a folding rear step for access to the roof. For a bit of elegance and even more practicality, there are also illuminated roof beams.

smart Concept #5

The #5 concept also comes with light animations, giving it a playful yet sophisticated touch. smart leaves it open to what extent these will make it into the production vehicle.

Extremely modern, also in the interior

The drivetrain is already strong and the interior goes even further. The electric drive train allows the #5 to be very space efficient. Thanks to short overhangs at the front and rear, there is plenty of space for the passengers' comfort in just 4,75 meters. So of course there are the iconic elements and the interfaces integrated into them to control everything.

These interfaces are a total of three displays, a speedometer, a display in the middle and one for the passenger. According to smart, two displays are equipped with OLED technology. This makes it possible to switch off pixels completely and thus create a very high contrast. The displays therefor nestle very closely to their surrounds.

Smart didn't skimp on processor performance with #1 and #3, but went one step further here too. All displays are powered by a powerful AMD V2000 chip. This is based on the same technology as the AMS chips that Tesla uses in their vehicles.

smart Concept #5

As was also announced in the teaser a few days ago, the smart #5 study also has a portable speaker installed in the center console. There is also a so-called zero-gravity passenger seat with heating, ventilation and massage function. With this one too, it is questionable whether it will make it into the series version.

smart Concept #5

Not a word about an animal companion in the #5 concept

The smart # family is now known for giving drivers an animal companion. The #1 got a fox, the #3 got a leopard and the #5 is rumored to be equipped with a lion. With the #5 concept, you don't see or hear anything about it yet. smart is still somewhat vague here and only promises a “virtual assistant” that will be based on “intelligent, AI-based interaction technologies”.

As with already known models, you are able to control everything with your voice. These include telephone calls and messages, music and media, air conditioning, navigation, personal settings and vehicle controls, as well as information such as weather, news, calendar, general knowledge.

smart Concept #5

What exactly that will look like is left open. However, you can see in pictures that the interface in #5 seems to be more serious than in #1 and #3. Visually it is also closer to Mercedes's system.

Conclusion - smart's studies are known to be close to the production car

Manufacturers usually use studies and concept vehicles to show what the future could look like and what should theoretically be possible. However, this medium is increasingly being misused by many as a pure advertising platform and you can then see almost nothing of it in the production car. Things have been different at smart in the past and things seem to be here as well:

The information is very specific, not just nice texts about what might happen and how it could be. Very specific data and facts are already given and a car is shown that is very close to the #5 prototypes that have already been seen. Details will again be exaggerated in the #5 concept, as they were in the #1 concept a few years ago.

smart Concept #5

The wheels are slightly larger, light strips from the hood to the roof and a very realistic interior. The smart Concept #5 seems to be even closer to the production version than even the Concept #1 was. In my opinion, the concept is just a slightly modified version of the production vehicle with suicide doors.

smart Concept #5

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