Activate the 95 PS Brabus software

The smart ED3 accelerates already very well from the factory, but it gets even better with the 95 PS Tuning from the Brabus. This also brings the Brabus Sport mode. Since the smart ED3 and the smart Brabus ED3 got the same powertrain, the tuning can be easily performed via a software update. With the Brabus Tuning, your smart ED3 also drives 5 km / h faster.

In this blog post you will learn how to get the Brabus software in your smart ED3.

It is particularly pleasant that the Brabus software can be activated non-destructively. It can also be easily removed and everything can be reset to the standard state.

Thanks to all supporters:

I would particularly like to mention Pauliaus Habdank von PHS lab. He has been a smart software professional for many years and, together with smart eMotion, looked in to the subject of the Brabus. Also very helpful where Thomas Rebele from Tom's garage and Ivo Jozinovic from Ivo vehicle technology. Thomas's workshop has, along with smart eMotion, already helped many smart ED & EQ drivers with all kinds of problems. Despite Ivo's full calendar and the fact that the smart has more torque than most of his (ICE) customers, he tested it on the dynamometer and provided the results to me.

How do I activate the Brabus software?

Basicly, it is possible to activate the software yourself (motor control unit N127), but this is only doable for people who definitely know what they are doing. If you don't know what you are doing and have to follow a tutorial, you should stay away from doing it yourselfe. An unnoticed mistake and the smart no longer drives.

In order to make it available to everyone, the smart eMotion Shop has got already done motor control units to replace the original one:

  • Control unit with activated Brabus tuning (€ 349.95)

The prices does not include a deposit of € 199.95 for the motor control unit. The money will be refunded as soon as your old motor control unit arrives at my place again.


The VIN is stored in the control unit. Even tho the smart isn't checking, whether it is matching. When making a order, you can add your VIN, then the correct VIN is going to be coded on the control unit. This way no workshop can notice the difference while doing the annual service.

Replacing the control unit is quite easy. Please ensure that the smart is not plugged in and disconnect the 12 V battery. To get to the motor control unit, you have to remove the left cover in your bonnet. To get to it a little easier, you can move the front passenger seat all the way forward. First thing you have to do is unscrew a single screw:

95 PS Brabus-Software freischalten

Pull hard on the cover and it will come loose. Usually it is so tight that you briefly worry about breaking something. It's a bit uncomfortable, but normal.

95 PS Brabus-Software freischalten

If it is removed, you will find the motor control unit attached to the tridion cell. Unplug the three plugs and pull the control unit out towards the trunk-lid. Install the replacement unit in the same way as you just removed the original. Once everything has been put back together, you can start the smart again and enjoy the increased performance.

How is the Brabus tuning?

According to Brabus, the motor output is only increased by 5 kW and 5 Nm, but in practice the smart with Brabus software not only has 60 kW, but almost 70 kW. This is due to the fact that the smart already got by the factory more power than they actually say. Something we already noticed then we tested my over 2,000 cycle old smart ED3 on the dyno. In addition to the increased motor power, the maximum speed has also increased by 5 km / h to 130 km / h. At the new top speed the board computer is peeping, when you reach it as it doesn't know, it's now allowed to run that fast.

The fact that the performance is actually just under 95 PS can be seen on the dyno:

[Bild: Leistungskurve]

Even before the Brabus control unit is installed, the smart ED3 only has its full power and full torque from 50 km / h. This is because the wheels would simply spin from a standstill if they had full power from the start. Due to the very high torque, you would just scrub the tires down and still not get anywhere.

When your smart has got the regen pedals, you can then also switch to the S-mode. In the mode the smart drives even more direct and delivers already the full power bevor the kickdown.


Driving a Brabus without having to pay Brabus prices is very pleasant. The Brabus Sport mode is also a lot of fun, in which the smart reacts even more directly to your input. The increase in performance to 95 PS for just € 249.95 is very convenient.

Since such activation should not be carried out by everyone, there are adapted control units in the smart eMotion Shop available. You can easily replace the control unit yourself.

Another advantage of the Brabus tuning is that it is significantly cheaper and easier than the 5 PS more powerful Tuning from Steinbauer is. If you want everything, you can also combine Steinbauer with Brabus. Then your smart gets the 98 PS and the maximum regen from Steinbauer, together with the increased maximum speed and the Brabus sport mode.

Addendum March 2022:

Since customers have repeatedly not sent back their old control unit, I no longer have any control units. Accordingly, I had to discontinue this program without replacement and refer to the Steinbauer tuning in the future:

EUR 899.95

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