Smart #1 - Winter and wind tunnel tests, the market launch is approaching

It goes against it, you can tell. The intervals between press releases are becoming shorter and the information more specific.

Bad password or vehicle name, we don't yet

Today, smart proudly announces the name of the future SUV: smart #1

What sounds like a bad password is smart's way of saying that they've arrived in the modern age and want to change it. "Born as a trendsetter" writes the brand. "With the use of the "#" symbol and its combination with a number, smart has defined a distinctive family name for its new generation of fully electric vehicles. The "#" symbol, which is often used today for trending topics on social media, is reminiscent of Trendsetter in the digital space – and fits in with smart: since the presentation of the first production vehicle at the IAA in 1997, smart has been striving for innovation and remains a trendsetter in the automotive industry."

What I'm not sure about: Does this mean smart is dropping the "EQ" name?

Anything but a rolling wall unit, the #1 convinces in the wind tunnel

Range is a big topic with electric cars and this is concurred above all with streamlining the car. smart is well aware of this and has therefore also developed the SUV in a wind tunnel.

Smart #1 - Wind- und Windtunneltests, der Marktstart rückt näher

With a drag coefficient of 0.29, the smart #1 is the world leader in this area. This means that the #1 still has a good range even at high speeds. In addition to the range, good aerodynamics also ensure less wind noises in the car.

The vehicle has active aerodynamics. The door handles now seem to be mechanical and are reminiscent of the Tesla Model Y and the Jaguar i-Pace. In addition, the smart gets an "AGS", which stands for Active Grill Shutter. This means that the vehicle can also close the grille when cooling is not required. In this way it becomes even more streamlined and quiet.

Not afraid of ice and snow

As it should be, smart also took great press photos in the cold winter. At - 40 °C the smart #1 is performing perfect, they say.

Smart #1 - Wind- und Windtunneltests, der Marktstart rückt näher

Even before smart, the all-electric powertrain was known for being excellent on ice and snow. It will be the same with the smart #1. It is also emphasized that the battery can be preheated, so that it will bring more performance on the road and at the charging station. Even in these bitterly cold temperatures. Whether the will be, at least optional, a heat pump is still unclear. But smart seems to be doing a lot of things right here and is testing it intensively. The door handles will therefore not suffer from the same problems as those from Tesla. If the car is covered with a layer of ice, it can simply break the door handles free and is thus fully operational at all times.

Yang Jun, vice president of research and development of smart Automobile Co., Ltd. explains: "Thanks to the seamless cooperation between smart and the Mercedes-Benz design team, the smart #1 is a masterpiece of technology. The test results before the market launch also prove the excellent quality, performance and reliability of the smart #1. In view of the market launch of the vehicle before the end of this year, we are very confident that our future customers will be as convinced as we are.”