Sticky door handle: not closing

  • Today the passenger exterior "hidden" door handle didn't close when we set off, and we got a warning message. It closed fine with a gentle push. The warning message ("speak to dealer") hasn't come back but each time we parked, the door handle either stayed open, or only closed part way. It opens fine, it's just the close mechanism. I had a go cleaning the handle a bit with a dry cloth- it's been super rainy here and also leaves blowing everywhere, so maybe not ideal conditions. Anything else worth trying before i can get around to booking in at the dealer? I feel like it's more of a 'something has got in to make the mechanism stick' than a more serious failure....

  • I've not had the error on the screen but my passenger door handle is/was not closing fully, it needed a slight push.

    My dealer looked at this and added loads of lubrication but it did not help, so they have ordered a new handle to be replaced next week. However... over the last couple of days the handle is working better, probably from all the lubrication added!

  • Heh :) I considered lubrication but didn't want to use the wrong type and mess up the internals. Glad it's not just me (I had my most recent passenger worrying that they had shut the door too hard or something and upset it). Back to dealer it is! (also, "hidden doorhandle is abnormal" is a great error message)

  • I considered lubrication but didn't want to use the wrong type and mess up the internals.

    I'd say as long as it's not electrically conducting, it's fine.

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