ED4Scan master and Android radio

  • Perhaps one useful piece of information for those who have an Android radio in Smart 453 and use the ED scan master program. Namely, instead of a PC, it is possible to use an Android radio and its USB input / output port to communicate with the Arduino OBD2 interface. All you have to do is install an android program called "Serial USB Terminal", set the communication parameters (speed, parity ...) and then you can view and give all the commands on it as you do via your PC.

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  • Another better piece of information. You can also use your Android phone instead of a PC or Android Radio. Just buy a USB phone converter (type c in my case), install the Serial USB Terminal program, set the speed to 115200, turn off timestamps for clarity in terminal settings, connect phone to arduino OBD2 interface and that's it

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  • I tried the USB convertor with a 7" Samsung Tablet and it worked perfectly!

    Much easier than using a laptop. The software even allows macros for common commands although I haven't tried that yet. Easy to email myself the data results for my records.

    Thanks TZAC29.

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