Volunteers for translating the hello # in different languages?

  • It’s all correct!! Perfect.

    And, in relation with bullet 2, you could write: “Pantalla de avance de carga” or “Visualización de avance de carga”. It is a better description of the screen “Standby…”, but it’s not an error the current phrase.

  • Either I am too stupid, or the function has not yet been implemented: Where can I change the language in Hello #?

    You need to change the language of the whole iPhone, to change the language in the App. On my app it's now in German, as my whole iPhone is.

  • On my app it's now in German, as my whole iPhone is.

    For me, it also jumped directly to German, which is basically very good for convenience, as the app directly uses the language selected in the iPhone. I just wanted to look at the position of the strings in the app for the translations and switch it back to English, but I couldn't find the option in the settings. Adding the second language solved the problem though :)

    Thanks for the quick explanation of how I can change the language

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  • EDIT: they answered super fast. I should be able to use that feature, just not restore the history. I'll keep trying to add the error messages to translate

    ===== original message =====

    I tried to add all the error messages in Crowdin. Apparently we had forgotten to localise them.

    I was also adding Italian.

    but after enabling the free version of crowdin, it seems now the issue is that we can't import/export the Localizable.xcstrings file.

    it seems it's a paid feature. Without this import/export there's not much practicality to use Crowdin. Xcode is too annoying to do it any other way.

    I contacted support. I hope it's just a misunderstanding of what is with subscription. I hope it's only history restoration.

  • With the build 67 release today I missed some German translations made in Crowdin and I didn't notice Fabio started translating Italian.

    I also receive some Italian correction by email. I'll try to make a new release tonight with all of those

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