Article: All smart generations from the factory in Hambach

  • All smart generations from the factory in Hambach

    Unfortunately, the smart factory in Hambach has now stopped producing the fortwo and has been sold. But did you know they did not only build smart fortwo there?

    In this article I will introduce you to all the classic smart generations and their highlights. Including a smart with V6 biturbo and the one classic model that was not built in Hambach. This article is dedicated to the remarkable workforce in Hambach, who were able to keep their jobs but now have to build off-road vehicles with combustion engines.

    This thread is dedicated to discussing the article. The complete article can be found here: All smart generations from the factory in Hambach

    smart BRABUS #1 in gelb, 04/2023; > 20.000 km
    smart fortwo Coupé 451er ED 3,7 kW-Lader, 05/2013; > 280.000km (bei 250.000 km 22 kW nachgerüstet)
    smart fortwo Cabrio 453er EQ 22 kW-Lader, 04/2021 - 08/2023; 42.000 km
    smart fortwo Coupé 453er EQ 22 kW-Lader, 05/2018 - 05/2021; 109.000km

    "Aus Gaspedal wird Spaßpedal"
    - smart

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