Wrong measurements of external thermometer - calibration(?)

  • Hi,

    I have changed my right rear view mirror, while the old one had a hole in it. However, the integrated thermometer shows about 5-8°C higher temperature, than it really is. This is highly annoying, as it messes up the aircondition control, which results i.e. in no ability to defog the windscreen, while it does not allow to start A/C or heating in such combination of temperature and humidity, and as final raises the energy consumption due to A/C running even when not needed on the other hand (and it seems that also tractive battery cooliing is somehow influenced). Is there any way to calibrate the new thermometer? Or do I have to buy another mirror? 🤦‍♂️

  • As far as I know you can't calibrate it. I'd check if the sensor is fully plugged in and if that won't fix it, I fear you have to replace it. :(

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