Apple CarPlay in the smart #1?

  • Today you could look at a pre-series #1 in Cologne and also push around a bit in your software. A reader noticed that there is an app for Apple CarPlay. It didn't react when you pressed it... but that can also be due to the pre-series.

    It's amazing that she's even there. Will the smart #1 not only have its own software, but also Apple CarPlay? This would give us the choice of what we want to use and the vehicle would not be a disaster if the original software was bad. :/

    Apple CarPlay im smart #1?

    smart fortwo Coupé 451er ED 3,7kW-Lader, 05/2013; > 260.000km (bei 250.000 km 22 kW nachgerüstet)

    smart fortwo Coupé 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, 05/2018 - 05/2021; 109.000km

    smart fortwo Cabrio 453er EQ 22kW-Lader, EZ 04/2021; > 30.000 km

    "Aus Gaspedal wird Spaßpedal"

    - Smart

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