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    Has anyone had any success with Smart customer services regarding a fix for this? I’ve reached out again but to the same script ‘we’ll investigate…’.

    The in-car navigation isn’t up to scratch and isn’t as polished as Apple Maps/Waze.

    I had the same problems with GPS location in Carplay and after using this suggestion from Smart customer services it has been perfect.

    "Since you have the smart 1.3.2 OTA update, please kindly follow the steps provided below to help reset your DHU (Display Head-Up Unit) which is the main centre screen of your vehicle to help resolve this issue:

    Ensure the car has 4G Network,

    1. Please log out from DHU.

    2. Log back in to DHU.

    3. Set Online Service setting to ON and other related to positioning/voice commands, etc (In the vehicle privacy settings, all options must be set to "On")

    4. Click store button in DHU profile (i.e. next to driver's seat setting).

    5. Close the vehicle for at least 15 min, taking key/digital key at least 15m away from the vehicle and re-test.

    Please do ensure you follow these steps accordingly, especially the ones that are highlighted.

    You can also watch our YouTube Tutorial video about this as well:

    However I still have dropouts on the DAB radio and the USB stick keeps ejecting itself for no reason - at least some progress!

    Just got the app and it looks great! In the car details/maintenance section there is one minor issue. Brake fluid level and washer levels are shown as 1 and 3 This doesn’t mean anything to me. Could we have something like a scale e.g. 1/3 or 33% or something more informative please? Thanks

    I have a direct comparison between Smart #1 (2023), Smart EQ (2019) and Mercedes A250e (2022). The Mercedes recuperates when you drive over the speed limit, someone is driving in front of you (only the EQ does that too) or a sharp bend or roundabout is approaching. The same applies when you use your indicator. It does not recognize red lights, so the driver has to do that.

    I find this very pleasant because it is not a braking intervention, but rather a kind of 'coasting in the right place'. I would like something like this for the #1 too.

    If you switch on the cruise control on the A250e, you can basically drive on country roads just by moving the steering wheel. It automatically slows down before sharp bends and roundabouts and also adapts to the speed limits, even before the town sign, based on map data.

    I drive a BMW IX3 too and the ability to switch on dynamic cruise control which drives up to the speed limit or safely behind the car in front is really useful. (assuming that the car knows the correct speed limit - which the Smart #1 often doesn't on the smaller screen) It also automatically slows for sharp bends and roundabouts. Driving is very relaxed in this mode. Having to manually set and adjust the speed cruise control limit is very annoying.

    Interesting. I have experienced slow GPS location finding when setting off for the first 5 minutes in the Here mapping. I also get the intermittent loss of GPS signal icon at the top of the screen at start up too. After a while it seems to settle here in Dorset. Several days ago I went to the O2 in London and the sat nav on carplay in London was useless, telling me to go down roads that I wasn't on and updating every few seconds. The native mapping was no better. This would seem to support the Meridian issue theory. So being on 1.3.2 has definitely not cured the issue for me.

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