10-ED4 Known serial defects

  • There are a total of four known serial errors:

    1. At the end of 2017 / beginning of 2018, some vehicles were delivered with a partially defective battery. The problem was that the 96 cells were very badly balanced and therfor even the BMS could no longer compensate for these voltage differences.
      • This became noticeable through a non-linear discharge from 100% down to 0%. The battery simply began to discharge exponentially quickly at e.g. 40%
      • Batteries in affected vehicles were replaced by smart without any problems and free of charge, and today there are probably none with this on the road anymore
      • The error occurred at the same time as battery production was increased
        • they probably had initial difficulties when ramping up production
    2. Vehicle cannot be started, requires a visit to the workshop
      • Two error messages, but the same problem. In both cases, the vehicle can neither be driven nor charged.
      • The error is fixed byunplugin the vehicle, locking it and waiting 15 minutes. (See FAQ: Charging not possible - Visit workshop)
        • 2018 there was a recall with an update for the BMS, which should fix the error
          • This update was unsuccessful, the error still appears
        • 2021 there was practically the same recall, the wording of the recall was very similar
          • This update was unsuccessful, the error still appears
      • The error is probably triggered by one or more control units, which in rare coincidences do not start up properly
        • Therefore, the forced restart cleares it. A visit to the workshop does not lead to anything
    3. Time-based preconditioning does not start reliably.
      • Almost all smart ED4s are affected by this error
      • This error should be remedied in mid-2018 by replacing the instrument cluster, as well as an update for vehicles with a navigation system, in which the on-board computer gets the time from the navigation device.
        • Unfortunately, both fixes were unsuccessful, as it is a serial fault in the hardware of the instrument cluster, which was never fixed
        • The software update is now on all vehicles with a navigation system
      • The time-based preconditioning does not start because the vehicle goes to sleep and the clock in the instrument cluster is no longer active in this state,so it won't notice when it's time to start the preconditioning
    4. Time-based charing does not work reliably
      • Almost all smart ED4s are affected by this error, the smart simply starts charging immediately. It doesn't matter what you set.
      • Unfortunately, this error was never addressed by smart and cannot be remedied.
        • The only solution is to use a wallbox that offers this feature.
      • As with the time-based preconditioning, there are simply difficulties with the internal clock.
    5. The light control or something else in the lighting does not work as expected or gives errors. For example, the low beam switches on permanently, can no longer be switched off and the high beam can no longer be switched on
      • Switching the smart off and on again provides a short-term remedy
      • A time frame cannot be given here, but the problem seems to have been fixed sometime between 2018 and 2020. However, it can still occur later
      • The problem here is often the turn signal switch. Usually there is just too much grease in it
        • The workshop will replace it free of charge, but it can happen that the replaced one has too much grease again
      • If you want to be sure, remove the plastic around the steering column, remove the turn signal switch (left lever), open it and remove some grease (not all!)
    6. The vehicle alarm is regularly triggered automatically.
      • The problem is a switch on the front service flap that detects whether it is open or closed. The switch pin can wear out over time and then no longer be able to be pressed properly.
      • Article number A 000 998 13 23, a small part for less than one Euro, can help.
        • It can be ordered from any retailer and simply needs to be plugged onto the pin of the switch.
      • Since 2021, the switch has been in a different position and is apparently pressed there more reliably.

    Not a series defect in this sense, but two specialities of the 22 kW charger:

    1. It does not charge without grounding
    2. 3-phase it does not charge with 6A, if it's not allowed to charge with 8A or more, it simply does not charge until it's allowed to charge 8A or more.