04-ED3 Equipment

  • Which equipment is recommended?

    The smart ED3 already with a lot of equipment from the factory, much better equipped than its rattling colleagues. The standard equipment includes the big bord computer, power windows, air conditioning, power steering, time-based pre-air conditioning and the switch-off passenger airbag. In addition there are electrical aids such as ESP, ABS as well as regen (-> regenerative breaking). Also standard was the charging cable you use to charge at every socked.

    Starting in April of 2014, a tire pressure sensor system is also standard.


    Although the "electric drive" lettering on the trunk lid and the "ED" logo on the right and left of the Tridion cell have been standard, they may have already fallen victim to the taste of a previous owner. You can get replacments from the smart eMotion shop.

    This equipment is nice to have:

    • First of all, of course, is the 22kW charger, which allows the smart to charge from 10% to 80% in just half an hour. Retrofitting one is very expensive.
    • It's also worth keeping an eye out for the heated seats. In winter, below 0 ° C, the heater consumes noticeable range. To counter this, there is already the standard pre-air conditioning (details), but also a heated seat makes driving even more pleasant.

    There is also:

    • 3-spoke steering wheel with recuperation pedals
    • cruise control (requires 3-spoke steering wheel)
    • electric drive design package (tridion cell in green, bodypanels in white)
    • sound system (2 tweeters, 2 midrange speakers, 1 subwoofer)
    • surround sound system (2 tweeters, 2 midrange speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 rearfills, 1 digital amplifier)
    • comfort package (exterior mirror electrically adjustable and heated, rain sensor, light sensor)
    • textile hood (convertible)
    • panoramic roof
    • leather seats
    • armrest
    • navigation system with Bluetooth and handsfree function
    • LED daytime running lights
    • ambient lighting
    • sound generator (very rare because extremely annoying, can be unpluged)
    • purchase battery (More about this topic below)
    • bicycle racks


    The 22kW-charger is only available in Europe. Everything about it you'll finde here.

    How you know, if you are facing a smart with 22kW charger, is documented in the FAQ:

    Does my smart ED3 feature a 22kW charger?

    The year of construction, body type (coupé, convertible, limousine) and a few other details can also be found out by the chassis number. You can find out how to decode them yourself here.