5-ED3 Battery warranty

  • How does it work with the battery? Battery lease?

    As standard, the smart ED3 was equipped with a Sale & Care contract. This has, starting with the first registration, a 10-year term and costs fixed 65 € pre month. There is no mileage limit. In this period, a minimal capacity of 80 % (41.6Ah) is guaranteed. If a new battery is actually nesacary, it's going to be free for you.

    Should you buy a used smart with a sale & care battery, the MercedesBenz bank is your contact regarding the rental battery. They rewrite the contract from the old owner to the new owner.

    For an additional charge of 4.770 €, the battery could have been purchased. But then you only had a 2 year warranty on the battery.

    What happens after the 10 years of the sale & care contract?

    After the 10 years, there will be three options:

    • The battery will be rented further, the rent will cost 99 € / month
    • The battery can be bought for a price of 300 € (including 19% VAT). It than has 12 months warranty on the battery after purchase.
    • The customer returns the car and gets an attractive offer for a new smart EQ.

    How expensive is it, when I want to buy the battery before the 10 years?

    Depending on the age of the battery, there is a fixed purchase price, this is based on the date of the first registration and starts at € 4,700. Every year it's about 400 € less, depending on when the smart was first registered, it may make sense to pay a few months the rent and then buy it than out. The exact price you can read in this table:

    10 Jahresplan Tabelle EN

    More on the topic here: Battery rental contract expires after 10 years, what now?

    By the way:

    If you want to take the time, you can also build yourself a tool to read the battery: Read the remaining capacity of your smart electric drive yourself

    Charging times:

    240 V wall socket (2,3 kW): 7,5 h

    120 V wall socket (1,2 kW): 14 h

    Wallbox / charging station (3,7 kW): 5 h

    Wallbox / charging station (11 kW): < 2 h

    Wallbox / charging station (22 kW): < 1 h