01-ED3 General

  • The third generation smart electric drive is a very robust car. As you can read here, smart did not pay attention to the cost of the electric drive version. So good that the high-voltage components will outlast the mechanics and have been driving our ED3 for over 200,000km without any problems. They only used the best parts by Bosch, EM-motive and Accumotive. The smart ED3 is the only car from the 2010s, which has got battery cells made in Germany.

    From experience, I would give the smart ED3 a realistic range of about 110km (68 Miles).

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    Quantity: approx. 15,000

    Place of production: Hambach, France

    Comsumption: 13,3kWh/100km real 15kWh/100km

    Range: 145km real 110km

    Charging time 3.7kW (0-80%): 4h

    Charge time 22kW (0-80%): 40min

    Curb weight: 900-920kg

    Max. Payload: 230-250kg

    Boot volume: 220L

    Vehicle length: 2695mm

    Vehicle width: 1559mm

    Vehicle height: 1565mm

    Turning circle: 8,75m

    Wheelbase: 1867mm

    Front gauge: 1283mm

    Rear gauge: 1385mm

    In depth details:

    The 2nd and 3rd generation are often confused, so here is a direct comparison. The most obvious is that the 3rd generation has the facelift front end from the 451 series, while the 2nd generation is still based on the pre-facelift. In addition, the 3rd generation has the upgraded on-board computer as standard, while the 2nd generation always had the small on-board computer from the pre-facelift. Also, the green tridion cell, if the vehicle has it, is a bit lighter and metallic on the 3rd generation, while it was a bit darker and matte on the 2nd generation.

    Eine Baureihe - zwei Generationen EN