11-ED2 solar roof

  • The solar roof, which was initially manufactured by Webasto Solar for the car2go fleet, is a rarity. The smart vehicles that were delivered with it at the time all went back to smart at some point. The roof was developed and made by Webasto Solar. It was originally presented for the smart ED2 at the end of 2010. The roof was never installed on an ED3 by the factory.

    10 years later, 1-2 dozen new roofs appeared (B-stock), which then found their buyers piece by piece on the open market.

    The press release wrote at the time:

    "Another novelty is the solar roof included as standard in the car2go edition. With an output of 100 watts, it is the most powerful solar roof in a production car and is completely integrated into the on-board electronics the vehicle (12V) battery, so that the alternator is decoupled while driving and the fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10 percent depending on the use. If the vehicle is parked in the sun, the solar power is also used to operate the ventilation and thus the temperature in the interior down to 18 degrees Celsius. What the customer perceives as a welcome plus in comfort in summer or in southern latitudes brings relief for the environment, since the air conditioning system has to provide less power and thus the fuel consumption is reduced. "

    Technical specifications

    Nominal power: 100 Wp

    Nominal voltage: 17.6 VDC

    Open circuit voltage: 21.8 VDC

    Nominal current: 5.7 A.

    Short circuit current: 6.08 A.

    Dimensions: 1171 x 1005 x 3 mm (corresponds to the roof size of the Smart 451)

    Weight approx. 12.5 kg

    Part number: A 451 6500 102 (5 000.381 solar generator C451)

    The solar cells are 36 monocrystalline high-performance cells with an efficiency of 17.5 %.