14-ED4 smartEQfortwo e-cup Italy

  • The company Lug Prince & Decker bought electric smart fortwo for the race track especially for the smartEQfortwo e-cup in Italy. For this purpose, the base vehicles were first leased as new cars and then bought shortly afterwards. The basis for the first 19 ones were delivered in January and February 2018 and labeled as ED, these also include the replacement car without its own start number.

    In the period from May to October 2018, another 5 cars were delivered labeled as EQ. Only the last 3 of the 24 cars are equipped with a 22 kW charger. All others have the 4,6 kW charger available as standard, since 22 kW were not available at the time and are not necessary for racing either.

    The base vehicles have all possible colors under their wrap, from black/green to silver/white, everything is included. The first 9 have a wrapped panoramic roof, the others have the standard full roof. All vehicles have been given a facelift front end for the 2020 season. But this was only a purely visual change, technically they remain as 2018 smart fortwo. One vehicle has standard equipment, the others are from the Passion line.

    All vehicles have been build by a professional company to the exact same specifications:

    • Suspension upgraded
      • Springs and dampers all around bilstein
      • Tires front and rear 185/55 R15
      • Upgraded front brakes
    • Total weight of 900 kg
      • Carbon shelf behind the windshield
      • Racing seat
      • Simplified doors
      • Plastic front and side windows
      • Air conditioning completely removed
    • Extra control unit, which simulates missing control units such as radio and airbags
    • Extra switch which opens interlock and 12V
      • At the windshield wipers
      • At the dash
    • Lights on, under and in the car
      • Green good for everything
      • Red for big mistake on the car

    Because they are vehicles for the Italian market, all vehicles have the V03 battery cooling (chiller) equipment. However, due to the removed air conditioning system, these are inoperative, which can also lead to overheating of the batteries when the e-cup is used in the extreme racing conditions when the outside temperature exceeds 30 °C.

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