Battery tool

Hard- and software to read out your smart ED & EQ

Already equipped with the hardware, you no longer have to solder anything. In addition, the right software for your smart is already installed and instructions for commissioning are included. There is also noted where you can get the right software for your LapTop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and how to set it up.

With the battery tool soldered together, you can see everything that is going on in your smart at the 400V level:

General data of the car

  • Mileage of your car
  • Manufacturing date of the battery

Details of the battery

  • State of charge of the battery (SoC)
  • Current battery voltage
  • Current voltages of the individual cells
  • Current voltage difference between the weakest and strongest cell
  • Specifying how precise the last remaining capacity measurement was
  • Current temperatures of the 3 modules inside the battery
  • Remaining capacity of the battery (SoH)

Information about the installed charger and, while charging, to the charging station

  • Maximum power (vehicle / charging station / cable)
  • AC voltage
  • DC current when charging

Details of the cooling system and subsystems

  • Current temperature of the coolant of HV components
  • Outside temperature
  • Cooling fan
  • Capacity coolant pump (only ED3)

Operating hours counter (only ED3)

  • Cooling fan
  • Cooling pump
  • Battery heating
  • Brake booster

If your smart ED4 (2017 till today) only has the 4.6 kW charger, you can choose the extra that to unlock it to 7.2 kW with the tool. The charger is designed for 7.2 kW as standard. Due to the unbalanced load rules in central Euope, however, it is limited to 4.6 kW. (What is unbalanced load) In order to be able to charge with 7.2 kW, the wallbox must be able to provide at least 22 kW. With the activation to 7.2 kW the vehicle loses the guarantee. (Power can also be set back down to 4.6 kW)

The item for sale here is a fully assembled version of the DIY device, all information can be found here.


  • Battery tool
    EUR 139.96


  • Software
  • update the 4,7 kW charger to 7,2 kW
    EUR 49.94

Price excluding sales tax plus Shipping

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