E18-1 BMS reset (P18051C / bricked BMS)

E18-1 BMS reset (P18051C / bricked BMS)

Your battery is deeply discharged and has now deposited the P18051C error? Then the BMS unfortunately has to be reset. After purchasing the item, you will receive an email within 24 hours with instructions and the European address to which you have to send the BMS.

The reset works also for BMS that got bricked by an accident, for example by airbags.

A manual on how to recharge the battery can be found here: smart ED3 17.6kWh battery repair (feat.P18051C)

These errors can also be reset this way:

  • P18051C
  • P180D1D
  • P0AA100
  • P0AA400
  • P1D799A
  • P1614FA
  • P0DE6FB
  • P14F300
  • P0DE6FA
  • P180D64
  • P0A0E00
  • P1CB400


The reset is carried out without any warranty or guarantee, as smart eMotion cannot check your work on the battery. Reviving the battery is at your own risk.

By selecting the additional option "Resetting the BMS & the error cannot be saved again in the future" you confirm that you are aware of what it means not to have this error pop up again.

The installation must be carried out by qualified personnel, otherwise there is danger to life and limb.


  • E18-1 BMS reset (P18051C / bricked BMS)
    EUR 799.95


  • Resetting the BMS & the error cannot be saved again in the future
    EUR 49.94

Price excluding sales tax plus Shipping

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