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I'm glad you're thinking about supporting the forum with a membership :)

smart EMOTION is my hobby and deliberately free of advertising. The site is sponsored exclusively by you and lives from the free time I put into it. For covering the server costs and everything else that arises, I am happy about everyone who decides to become a member.

Of course, this is not obligatory and all contents of the forum can also be read without it. But if you've already saved time or money because of the site, this is a great way to say thank you.

With the conclusion of a membership you get the following advantages:

  • If smart asks me for test users for a survey or something else and you meet the criteria, you will be given priority
    • Beta software test user
    • Customer surveys on a variety of topics
    • There is no guarantee that you will be selected by me. You can be selected by me even without a paid membership. But first I'll look at the paid members
  • You can sell private things on the marketplace in the forum
    • every forum member can comment and buy them
  • You can give yourself a freely selectable user title under your account name
    • under "Edit profile" —> Individual user title
  • You can edit your posts for 12 hours to correct errors or add things you forgot
  • You can create threads with polls
  • Your inbox will then hold 5,000 conversations instead of 100
  • Your username will appear in bold and green
  • You get the "Supporter" badge

If you have any questions about membership, please send an email to shop(at) Thank you again for your interest in the forum. Ultimately it lives from the community and I hope to be able to offer even more cool stuff with your support in the future.

Best regards



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3 months
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one month before next billing


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