What can I do about "Charging not possible - Visit workshop"?

  • This error message is a software error that occurs from time to time. It's technically the same as "Malfunction - Visit workshop". Thankfully, it's easy to fix:

    Make sure that the smart is not plugged in. Then lock it and wait 15 minutes. After the 15 minutes it forgot the error and works again as if nothing happened. If you want, you can bring it to the workshop, but they usually don't find anything.

    If the error accrues more more often than 10.000 km, a new 12 V battery can solve the problem.


    When you've got the monochrom display there's no text, only the control light of the motor is turned on.

    Tacho 15min warten EN


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  • I was "playing" with remote controlled 240V socket (turn on/off) with Smart EQ 453 connected with included charger.

    Unfortunately error message "Charging not possible - Visit workshop" appears. After 15 minutes there is still this message. Same after 1 hour.

    Any advice?

    • What happens when you remove the 12v battery and wait for 5 minutes?

    • I did not try this yet. So just disconnect 12V battery? Or is there some "fuse" to remove or some "switch"?

    • Just disconnect the battery. No fuses or anything.

    • 12V battery disconnected and after few seconds connected back - still error message. So I disconnected for about 1 minute, but still same error message ;( ;( ;(

      I have OBDII ELM 327 WiFi module so maybe with this I can do some "fix"? I tried this ELM327 with CarScanner.info IOS application, but I was not able to connect do ECU. Maybe wrong app or not working adapter, hard to say. I have no experience with OBDII yet (just bought ELM327 few months ago on AliExpress).

      Sad 1
    • I put car into MB service, they called me after one day that it is fixed - just "software reload". I was told there is a new recall for Smart EQ 453 which should fix this. They will start to do it in end of February 2022 (because they need some new equipment) and it should fix this issue. They recommend me another MB service center which is already equipped with this "new tools". Do you have some more information about that? On MB pages there is nothing new about recall actions for my VIN.

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