Unlocking a charging station

  • With a charge card

    Plug in the car and start the charging process at the charging station by holding the charge card in front of the RFID field. Now it take's a few seconds and the car starts to charging.

    The charging process ends then similar, stop it by holding the card again in front of it, unlock the car, disconnect cables, done.

    By the way: Charge card and tokens (RFID key fob) are technically the same. It is completely open to you what you prefer.

    I personally prefer the charge card to unlock, this works even if the phone is empty or you are in a area that's not covered by the mobile network.

    By App

    Plug in the car, select the charging port in the app by scanning the QR-code with it and start the charging process. Now it is a few seconds and the car starts to charge.

    The charging process ends then similar, stop it in the app, unlock the car, unplug cable, done.


    If you've never unlocked a charging station, then drive to one with your car still having enough energy to be able to leave without charging, just to try it out the first time. And if there is any further uncertainty, you can also ask for help in the smart eMotion forum.


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