• To make AC and DC charging as easy as possible, there is the standardized CCS connector. It combines both charging modes and allows the user to charge their car with the same connection both fast and at home. You do not even have to understand how it works, plug it in and the car does the rest for you.


    In order to charge an electric car at any outlet, it has an AC charger. This is practically a larger version of the power adapter that charges your laptop or cell phone. The AC charger allows you to charge an electric car anywhere where there is power.

    AC chargers are as individual as the car itself, so they are available in all possible performance and price ranges. When charging AC, the charger is in the car, the wallbox is only responsible for communication and security during charging.

    Such a charger has every electric car without exception.


    In order to be able to charge fast and without bringing big costs into the car, every modern electric car has the possibility to charge with DC power its battery.

    It is practically the same process as the AC charging, but with a much larger AC charger which is now no longer in the car but in the charging station itself.


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