Charge approval status A, B, C, D, E und F

  • As already mentioned with the charging protocol using the CP contact, there are also various charging approvals in regular operation. These ultimately describe in which part of the protocol the charging station and the car are currently.

    Total resistance between CP and PEopen2700 Ω880 Ω240 Ω--
    Resistance R3--1300 Ω270 Ω--
    .. at R2 = 2740 Ω-2740 Ω2740 Ω2740 Ω--
    Voltage between CP and PE+ 12 V+ 9 V ± 12 V+ 6 V ± 12 V+ 3 V ± 12 V±0 V- 12 V
    Basic statusStatus AStatus BStatus CStatus DStatus EStatus F
    charging approvalStandbyVehicle detectedready (charging)with ventilationno power (shut off)Error

    Status D:

    This status is for vehicles with lead batteries. Since these can outgas during charging, it is important that the charging station recognizes them and ensures that the charging area is adequately ventilated. Outgassing with these batteries is not unusual, but you have to take it into account. In a garage you would need ventilation for such vehicles, in open parking lots it wouldn't matter.

    That's a bit a blast from the past, as type 1 was based on the J1772 connector back from 2001.


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