Workshop support: Create a battery certificate for the smart 451 ED

  • It seems as if Mercedes garages are increasingly forgetting how to create the battery certificate for the smart 451 ED. So here are four pictures that show it.

    At the beginning, of course, first start the diagnosis, connect to the smart and go to the overview of the control units. From there, select the N82/2, go to "Activation" and start "Checking the high-voltage battery (certificate)".

    Then print it out, put your company stamp on it and you're done. In terms of content, it is the same as with the DIY battery tool. But with fewer values and with the official Mercedes diagnostic device.

    Useful information:

    The smart does not have to be put into any mode for the measurement. The measurement was already done sometime in the past and is simply read out by the diagnostic device. If you want the BMS to carry out a new measurement, you have to drive the smart's battery to < 20%, then leave it for 30 minutes, then charge it to 100% and leave the cable plugged in for another 6-12 hours. Then he took a new (and quite precise) measurement. Normally, the measured values will then be a little better. In the event of uncertainty, the BMS would rather be pessimistic than promise too much.

    If the customer has a rental battery, creating the certificate costs nothing. It is created at the expense of the landlord and must be handed over to the tenant. The certificate only costs around €35 if the renter wants one out of the range or the battery belongs to the vehicle owner.