Why is the pin on the top right shorter?

  • If you look closely at a type 2 or a CCS socket on the vehicle, you will see that the pin on the top right is shorter than the others. Same goes for type 1 sockets. But that's nothing to worry about, every electric car is like that. In fact, this is a feature:

    Should the connector latch fail so you'd be able to unplug while charging, this pin would be the first to have no contact. The car would then stop charging immediately before you could pull the plug completely out of the socket. This prevents arcing between the connector and the vehicle. It is also a further safeguard that the plug and socket are always voltage-free when nothing is plugged in. You can find more about the CP contact here in the wiki, it is ultimately the pin for communication between the charging station and the electric car.

    Type 2 socket