#1 smartOS 1.1.1 EU

  • Veröffentlichungsdatum: 10. Juli 2023


    Die Version 1.1.1 ist das erste größere Update mit spürbaren Verbesserungen. Vor allem 'unter der Haube' wurde offenbar einiges gemacht, sodass nun an allen Ecken und enden das System deutlich besser aufpoliert ist.

    1. Instrument cluster displays time.
    2. New language Dutch available for center display and instrument cluster
    3. Task manager function added to close applications running in the background
    4. Sound indicating distance on the Around View Monitor can be muted when the pop-up screen is trigged during driving
    5. Adaptive High Beam setting is memorized by the vehicle.
    6. Instant energy consumption widget available on center display and optionally on instrument cluster.
    7. Navigation: Junction detail card only displayed when relevant to customer route
    8. New language packages for voice control Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch available for download.
    9. Shortcut functions can be edited on dropdown screen

    Größe des Updates: 4,9 Gb


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